Joe Buck and Tim McCarver

This is what I’m talking about when I say I want to expand my range. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are the two worst announcers in any sport. They are quite roundly hated, at least in baseball. So it’s refreshing to see that Yahoo! has a blog entry on the subject.

Buck has indicated he’d be perfectly happy calling a football game. Baseball fans seem to agree. What’s the problem? Let’s make this happen, Fox. When he gets bored with that, maybe Buck could replace Conan O’Brien late nights at NBC. That’s probably what Buck really wants, anyway. He’s talented and engaged enough with entertainment and pop culture (“Bachelorette”) to do a great job with it.

As for McCarver, he’s just impossible to defend from himself, so to try any harder …

I have to disagree that Buck is talented, but the rest of the post makes solid points. Dump these two, Fox.

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