My name is Michael. I have a degree in biology with a minor in philosophy.

In the summer of 2012 I worked on an NSF-funded study looking at the effects of wild turkeys on local agriculture. Wild turkeys can carry with them a number of zoonotic agents which may infect livestock and humans. In addition, the health of wild turkey populations is of interest to recreational hunters and, largely for economic reasons, state wildlife management. Relatively little has been done in terms of turkey populations in New England, so this study may prove regionally useful. I also briefly worked in the animal vaccine industry. The grossly underpaid animal vaccine industry.

This blog is devoted to evolution, atheism, civil rights, and whatever else tickles my fancy. It is geared towards defending the underlying theme of all of biology against the insult of creationism, ignorance, and misinformation. Also, sometimes I will use the British spelling of words, like “towards”. But most importantly, this blog is about science. First and foremost, science is the best way of knowing. It deserves a place high within any society. For the Sake of Science is here to fight against its undue degradation.

There is a five-link limit per post. If you have more links than that in a post, it will automatically be caught by the spam filter and I may see it. Give me some time to find and approve it.

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  1. Something interesting I found on the net:
    “The author of a book about the history of scientific revolutions described scientific theory as a suitcase that was intended to be filled with data, and needed to be able to accommodate all of it. If information was discovered that did not fit the theory, data would be hanging out of it and eventually the suitcase would no longer close properly. A new more capacious elegant suitcase-theory- would need to be invented”.

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