Andreas Moritz is dead

About a week or so ago, Andreas Moritz died. This is posted on his website and Facebook page:

~ Announcement ~

It is with a mixture of profound human sadness and deep spiritual gratitude that we announce to the world that Andreas Moritz has returned to the Realms of Light.

During his all-too-brief stay here on Earth, Andreas touched the hearts and minds of people everywhere. Through his teachings, his books, his art, his personal guidance and inspiration, he helped people throughout the world to restore their health and well-being, and, in so doing, transform their lives.

As his mission here on Earth was nearing completion, he worked passionately to write and complete four more books, and they will be released in the coming months.

As we each deal with this shock and our personal grief surrounding his transition, the greatest gift we can give to Andreas is to send Love and Gratitude to assist him as he continues his Mission from the higher dimensions.

At some point in the future we plan to co-create a global celebration of his life and many blessings to the world.

~ The Ener-Chi Family

His cause of death appears to be unannounced by his family, but various sources on the web say that that information will be released after his funeral. Given that he died at least one week ago, I imagine that means we’ll know soon. I will be interested to see if he had cancer or any other disease he claimed was not disease. If he did, I’ll make a new post about it. Otherwise, I imagine I’ll just update this post.

I’m never happy about the death of a fellow human, and I have no intention of gloating about a single thing here. However, I do lament the fact that there are apparently four more Moritz books due to be released. Just as the world didn’t need his death, it didn’t need any of his work. And now that it does have his death, I wish it would do away with his work. This is a man whose legacy should be carried on solely as a private endeavor by his family, friends, and loved ones.

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  1. I think you’re actually very happy about his death. Kudos to you for refraining from displaying it publicly. it can be our little secret.

  2. You are a vain individual, aren’t you?

    Go lay down by your dish. This target has moved on to better things. Find a new “passion”.

  3. Please note: ANDREAS MORITZ, was A BRILLIANT MAN”!!!!!! He had a simple ANSWERS to big QUESTIONS. There is a whole different world out there that does not revolve around medication. He was not afraid to ruffle a few feathers and used all his knowledge old- age wisdom in every aspect of his life.

  4. It’s to be expected that supporters of this dangerous quack would come out in stronger force than usual given this recent news. However, let’s make no mistake. The man caused untold damage for his own financial benefit, likely shortening the lives of thousands who chose to forgo proven medical treatments in favor of his malarkey.

  5. As I see it, Alternative therapies should be taught in medical school!!!!!!!!!!!!! His methods some of which have been around for centuries… You should respect our right to choose. We all should praise (ANDREAS MORITZ)

  6. Where is your proof to substantiate your claim?

    I can say, AND probably prove many times over, the very same about the system you support.

  7. My Husband CHARLIE HARB, was diagnosed in 2008 with stage 4 lung cancer that spread to the bones.His treatment was chemotherapy and radiation for the bone. He wanted to be a GUINEA PIG, so he entered LUCANIX TRAIL PHASE III VACCINE that made him have fluid build up in his head. A shunt system in the head was needed. Then he was recommended to enter the trial for PLUS TARCEVA a chemotherapy pill 900mg every 4 days for 2 years. He was in remission for 3 years and responded great to treatment… “Sadly…Charlie HARB; died on july19,2012. Kidney disease from the long side effects of drug chemotherapy and pills all poison the body.

  8. New lung cancer vaccine shows promise

    Posted: Jun 05, 2009 7:42 AM PDT

    48-year-old Charlie Harb has stage four lung cancer, a tough disease to beat. So after chemo helped stabilize the tumor, he entered a study of a new vaccine, hoping to stop the tumor from growing again. “So far so good,” says Charlie. “I guess we’ll find out at the, in two months, the scans, if everything is stable or shrinking, then we’ll continue with the vaccine.”

    The vaccine is made of lung cancer cells. But these are modified so they no longer produce a protein they use to blindfold the immune system. Dr. Lyudmila Bazhenova, M.D. says, “The reason why you develop lung cancer, or cancer in general, is because your immune system failed to recognize that cancer. So we need to change it. We need to re-teach the immune system to do their job.”

    Doctors at the University of California, San Diego treated the very first patient with the new therapy – now in its final testing phase. The findings up to now show that patients who receive the vaccine, called lucanix, live longer than patients who receive a placebo.

    Side effects include pain and redness at the injection site. No big deal to patients like Charlie, who says compared to the side effects of chemo, it’s very hopeful.

  9. I was talking about Michael Hawkins….

    He levies all these claims on alternative medicine, yet has 0 evidence to back any of the dribble up.

    The only true medicine is one that utilizes ALL available methods to achieve the ultimate goal of prolonging life and easing suffering. This can be either side of the fence.

  10. Very Well Said!!!!!!!

  11. I think you’re confused about how the burden of proof works.

  12. Micheal Hawkins! Please do some research and aducate yourself before you call us supporters of this dangerous quack!! How would you like to be a sheep for awhile and go through cancer “BRABARIC” treatments.

  13. Perhaps you could aducate me.

  14. perhaps you could read ANDREAS MORITZ books.

  15. I offered to read one if he sent me a copy, but I don’t think he was too keen on not getting paid for his quackery.

  16. I will prove a way out for you Michael!!! “If cure for cancer” is probably not likely to come along from the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES. If you can get through cancer treatment and common causes of medications that causes seizures, blood clot that require you to pay for lovenox. Brain swelling require a shunt and shunt complications like *infection* delirium followed by memory loss. What do you think? pick one that likelihood improve your quality of life like improve your health with diet, nutrition, vitaminD>> siting in the sun all to improve your own health.

  17. I recognize the words you’ve written, but I am unfamiliar with the sequence in which you have put them.

  18. There are no sequence point. This is a result of chemotherapy serious side effects. And you considering it to be safe!!!!

  19. Not at all…

    I think perhaps YOU are confused. You brought forth the accusation that Andreas intentionally harmed people, yet have not put 1 shred of evidence up to support your charge. In ANY court of law, if the prosecution fails to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt, then the case is dismissed.

    You, sir, are dismissed.

  20. I think perhaps YOU are confused. You brought forth the accusation that Andreas intentionally harmed people, yet have not put 1 shred of evidence up to support your charge. In ANY court of law, if the prosecution fails to prove a case beyond a reasonable doubt, then the case is dismissed.

    The trouble is, in a court of law, the lawyers are allowed to call expert witnesses, who are allowed to produce evidence – not a word by which Andreas placed much store.

    Moritz claim 1: Cancer was a defence mechanism and not a disease to be eliminated.

    Any doctor or oncologist would trash that nonsense in a court of law.

    Moritz claim 2: Drinking a revolting compound of Epsom salts, olive oil and lemon juice dislodges scores or hundreds of kidney and liver stones into the patients’ (somewhat runny) stools

    Any doctor would demonstrate how narrow the bile ducts are, and how stones of such size could never squeeze through them, however the ducts were supposedly lubed up with olive oil – and how anyone with gall or liver stones of such size inside them would have been out of their mind in agony all the time they had them.

    Any chemist would demonstrate that the “stones” were saponified olive oil, containing no traces of cholesterol or bilirubin.

    And although not an expert witness, I would more than happily come to court and demonstrate how to create these stones without the aid of magic, armed only with a washing bowl and the above-mentioned ingredients – oh, and without accompanying poop, too.

    I have done this, and mentioned the fact several times in this thread, and every single time it has been ignored, so I’m under no illusion that you will acknowledge it.

    However, if it had ever come to court, Andreas’ best and only defence would have been to plead the Fifth Amendment.

  21. All I’m reading here is speculations. You have no proof. Have you had “any chemist” analyze a stone? Have you even tried the procedure? You CANNOT speak intelligently on something without first hand experience, which you, nor Mr. Hawkins, possess. If you had done the procedure, I’m willing to bet money that the “stones” you are producing are quite different from the stones you would find in the toilet after doing the flush. I myself have done this experiment you mention, and see exactly what you are talking about, only, they don’t look remotely close to what actually comes out with the flush.

    As for his cancer claims…

    Have you even read the book? Have ANY of you naysayers even read 1 word in there? Most likely not, because your minds are so closed that you cannot see the truth in the words.

    I will add this. I do not subscribe to ALL of Andreas Moritz ideas. The health and diet parts, as well as the spiritual, make perfect sense if you open your mind to anothers ideas. It mind/body/spirit medicine. It requires some measure of faith to believe in it, just as modern allopathic medicine requires a bit of faith.

    When you knuckleheads ramble on here about how Epsom Salts are so bad for you, maybe you should learn a bit of chemistry yourselves. Epsom Salts are Magnesium and Sulfate. 2 essential minerals to human life. In large quantities, it is indeed dangerous, but so is pure oxygen. You drink too much water you can drown yourself. In the quantities outlined in the protocol, it’s nothing more than an osmotic laxative. It even states on the packaging of Epsom Salts the very same amounts to be used for a laxative.

    I suppose next you’ll say magnesium citrate is bad for you too….another osmotic laxative sold everywhere and is prescribed for colon flushes prior to a colonoscopy.

    I see a lot of speculation in your post, yet no tangible proof is being put forth to substantiate the claims levied against Mr. Moritz or Alternative Medicine in general.

    Btw. The LIVER flush has nothing to do with the kidneys. This statement here simply demonstrates your lack of knowledge in this dept. It reflects your ignorance. How can you pose to be an authority on something like this and and have not done any research? You all claim to be so scientific here, yet you speculate about how these processes work….too funny. It makes me laugh.

    Come with actual physical evidence of proof that Mr. Moritz intentionally endangered 1 single life, or shut up.

  22. Let me just add a shred of proof for you guys on my stance towards allpathic processes….

    Any drug sold has to pass all these tests. Now these tests reveal that deaths can and will occur in humans. If these numbers are low enough, it’s considered safe. Then it is released on the masses after FDA approval, and kills hundreds of thousands of people before it’s removed from the market. This happens ALL THE TIME. One that has affected my life in particular is Vioxx. That drug alone killed 2 family members of mine….

    I can prove all day long that despite the best of intentions, allopathic medicine does indeed kill a shit ton more people every single day than any alternative method.

    At the end of the day, Andreas Moritz offered up a great alternative to those in this world disenchanted with modern medicine. It is of free will that anyone chooses to pick up one of his books. Nobody forces anyone to do anything.

  23. Alastair presents a convincing case. Well done.

  24. And all you present is that you, and the many other voices of “science” here, are nothing more than a bunch of whimpering ignorant fools (we know who they are) who like to stroke their egos under the guise of science. There is no science here. Only speculations at best, as stated before. There is no evidence that this Mr. Moritz harmed anyone. It appears he only offered advice on how to naturally heal oneself utilizing the bodies own healing processes. This, to me, represents a much better healing modality that replacing a natural function in the body with a synthetic chemical. There is a reason why that process has been disrupted in the body, and simply putting a band-aid on it does not solve anything. It only hides one problem, and 9 times outta 10, creates new problems.

    All of you who run a closed mind to alternative medicine are fools. There is only 1 kind of medicine…and that’s Medicine. When something from alternative medicine is proven effective, it just becomes medicine. More and more MD’s around the world look to “complimentary medicine” more and more these days as they start to realize that the mode they chose promotes ill health and death. Of course the drugs help extend life. The longer you live, the more drugs you buy. The more drugs you buy, the more money they make. If enough people are killed, they pull the drugs and give a tiny bit back to the families to make it ok again. What is a human life worth to the pharma companies you ask? About $17,985 after lawyer fees. $40k is all any of us are worth to these people. How many BILLIONS did they make off Vioxx stated above before they pulled it off the market? They only set aside a miniscule couple hundred million for restitution to the victims families. Are you really this blind? Either that, or the very same murderers are signing your paychecks.

    I’m not saying all MD’s are bad. The system is only flawed because humanity is in of itself flawed. Greed drives this medical model these days. Andreas Moritz gave away FREE medical advice and natural alternatives to modern medicine. If you want to be more in depth with his philosophies, I would recommend you pick up a book and read it. If you go to his site, you will see this. This is a beautiful thing.

    If it weren’t for antibiotics in the 40’s, you would still be putting a leaf on it.

    Fun fact:

    In WW2 in the pacific theater, medics used green coconuts for their water. This was directly injected into wounded soldiers veins to save their lives.

    I bet according to all you schmucks here, this never happened, Kinda like the muslims saying the holocaust never happened……..idiots.

  25. I bet this web site is sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies forsure!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Thank you for increasing all the revenue I am receiving from Merck, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, and untold others. Please, continue to “aducate” me. Once I have earned enough money, I will begin to establish anti-Moritz campaigns, starting with an effort to purchase suntan lotion and better access to oncology care for all.

    You pawns!

  27. Well, yeah” you do receive free genetically modified meals and free tickets to amusement park, gift cards. Absolutely 100% you get free traditional education only take a “cookie cutter” approach to treatment.

    A cookie cutter approach is unlikely to be successful.

  28. Alistair. Good grief. Are you living with your head under a pillow?
    Alistair>Moritz claim 1: Cancer was a defence mechanism and not a disease to be eliminated. Any doctor or oncologist would trash that nonsense in a court of law.

    Oh really? so you are claiming cancer is a disease to be eliminated? You idiot. -Cancers are listed, so far, as more then 250 different syndromes affecting multiple organs, blood, including the brain. We ALL have cancer cells from the day we’re born. When the number increases enough it’s ‘detected’. Normal cells become cancer cells. You don’t catch cancer from breathing viral air or having careless sex.
    It’s not a Disease you idiot twit! There are many researchers including PHD’s and MD’s around the world that are now viewing cancer as a reactive process similar to what you would understand white blood cells to do. It is becoming known that these cancer cells surround impurities, carcinogens. The problem is they don’t shut off. DNA damage plays a huge role. Kind of like the crap that you throw around and won’t shut off. A disease? What a putz you are. Any doctors or oncologists that would agree with you would be idiots too. I doubt you are in tight with very many if any. If you are, with one, and he agrees with you -tell him to retire before he screws up anyone else’s life. ( by the way -onclogists are doctors -same thing buddy. Duh.

  29. Michael, I can understand your objection to Andreas Moritz. I imagine that most who have such a strong aversion to alternative medicine and spirituality would feel that way. Personally, I’m on the middle ground when it comes to alternative medicine. I don’t fully prescribe, nor do I fully dismiss it. I think it’s erroneous to believe that natural substances cannot be potential remedies for various ailments. By the same token, I do not believe in his views on cancer.

    With regard to the liver and gall bladder flush, I whole-heartedly prescribe because I have done it and realized amazing health benefits from it, including elimination of gall bladder plan, reflux, significant reduction of allergy and sinus symptons that I have suffered for years and improved eyesight. If you visit the reviews of his book – – there are over 100 others who attest, some in very significant detail, of the benefits they have realized. I can assure you, it is not soap stones that are being passed. I believe in the placebo effect, but no where near to the extent of the benefit I personally received from the flushes I have done. For me, it was nothing short of remarkable.

    In summary, while I appreciate your position, I think you would benefit from being at least a bit open minded about the potential for alternative medicine, not as a panacea, but rather an alternative (and perhaps less costly and less invasive), approach to wellness.



  30. Andreas Moritz is or was a great man. He helped me so much getting rid of horrible pains I had. Doctors could not help me. Not Andreas is the stupid man, the stupid man is MIchael Hawkins. You have to learn a lot in your life here.
    God bless Andreas Moritz. We will never forget you!

  31. Legends NEVER die!!!!!

  32. Oh…but Andreas is not dead…

    “It is becoming increasingly clear to me that my true Self has no limitations; it has no permanent identity that moves in linear sequence from birth to death. Time for me is eternity. I am like the clear sky through which blow all the winds of creation. Even when the winds stop blowing, I will still be there”

    Andreas Moritz.

    Hear the whispers, Live your dream.

  33. so what did he die of?

  34. Some people have suggested suicide, others (such as myself) cancer. Unfortunately, it looks like we may never know. However, given the fact that he finished 4 books prior to his death, I believe he knew his life was coming to an end. That lends credence to the idea of cancer, but it could have been any disease (not that Moritz would have called it a disease).

  35. I doubt any of your theories.

  36. Given your misuse of what a theory is, I’m not upset.

  37. He brag over and over about the cure for cancer, HIV and other diseases he would even believe was in fact a disease but he was unable to cure himself ! What a big QUACK !!!!

  38. He has bragged over and over about the cure for cancer, HIV and other diseases he would not even believe was in fact a real disease but in the end he was unable to cure himself ! What a big QUACK !!!!

  39. You guys will be dinosaurs in not time.

    I just seen an ad on television for a product called “Liverite Liver Aid”. Its purpose is to “help cleanse your liver of environmental toxins”…….the way they show this is stones in the liver….

    Clever advertising or new “science”….

    More and more studies are emerging that support Andreas and his “theories” about how different systems work within the body….

    And no, Michael, there was no misuse. You have not proposed any “theories” here, and on your other various blogs? You don’t have the theory that he died of cancer that he tried to say was not a disease?

    Until a death certificate is presented, NONE of you have a definitive answer as to what really happened here.

  40. Still nothing, the mystery deepens

  41. It’s complete idiots like that Archibald fellow making comments about a topic he knows nothing about. I had 2 huge stones virtually a size a little smaller than a golf ball pass through my bile ducts and and exit the next day. I felt such relief in my body after the removal of the massive stones it resulted in an explosion of my energy levels and incredibly improved my digestive health. As for scientific proof if this idiot did some reasearch he would learn that the John Hopkins University has confirmed the presence of stones in the liver. They named them intrahepatic stones and provided evidence that they block the bile ducts. Here’s a link for that idiot
    Andreas has cured many people during his life and it seems that there is much mystery about his death. It wouldn’t surprise me if Big Pharma took him out to make it look like a death from natural causes. Big Pharma kill people daily and any threat to their business is dealt with quickley. Infact most of the health information released by Big Pharma is based on falicified science especially after pushing GM foods on humanity when they clearly cause huge tumors in rats. Wake up to the lies and do the research otherwise you will be one of their victims.

  42. Nickstar, thank you, I know there are such things as introhepatic stones. I assumed you were saying that JH had proved that Andreas’l liver flush had dislodged them.

    The lumens of the bile ducts are the size of hairs if I remember rightly. How would a golf-ball-sized lump ever pass through them?

    Answer: it couldn’t.

    If I’m a complete idiot, I’m happy to be so if the alternative is a wide eyed credulous inability to think.

  43. I just watched an episode of Oddities the other day. On the show, they demonstrate gallstones. A patron comes in trying to sell 2 gallstones about the size of a musket ball. The proprietor pulls out a gallstone a bit larger than a baseball!

    Gallstones can be quite large…especially if you still have a gallbladder.

  44. Maha Harb is an idiot. I mean, not your ordinary idiot, but an extraordinary imbecile. If you want prove of a godless universe, she’s it! What sort of perfect deity would create something as intellectually impoverished as her? It isn’t merely the ‘sequence of her words’, it’s the complete and utter absence of any intelligence in her brain. Please tell me she’s some fictitious identity created by someone who simply wants to debunk, rightly enough, that quack Moritz. If so, kudos and thank you! If not, clearly, evolution has some kinks.

  45. Justan Observer, Nickstar was talking about intrahepatic stones (as if Andreas had been the first to discover them – though he wasn”t by a long shot), not gallstones. But for your information, very large stones do not pass through the ducts, they block them solid and can only be removed by surgery.

    Lemon juice, olive oil and Epsom salts don’t suddenly magic them into your gut. And even if such humonguous stones could suddenly appear in your colon, can you imagine trying to crap out something that size? It makes the eyes water! Let alone ripping your liver and gallbladder apart as the magic mixture made it bulldoze its way through the threadlike ducts.

    Hard to survive something like that!

  46. I’m considering closing all these Moritz threads just to stop all these quack-promoters from clogging up my Recent Comments widget.

  47. Are you afraid of a little debate? You started all of these threads. Now you don’t want to debate your garbage anymore?

    Quack promoters. Good one. I almost laughed at that originality. Soon enough, we will see who the real quacks are. Your very own science proves itself wrong daily. Folks have been using this “quackery” for at least 6,000 years (documented anyways) and I’m quite sure much, much longer.


    I was not claiming that stone was passed “naturally”. It wasn’t revealed how it was removed. I just wanted to point out that stones can and do grow to be quite large. I doubt as well that stone passed naturally myself.

    As for intrahepatic stones, Andreas referred to them as gallstones because that’s what laymen will understand. Folks know what gallstones are. The average Joe won’t know usually what “intrahepatic” means, so I assume this is why he referred to them this way.

    As for my results, I’ve not seen 1 “stone” larger than maybe a peanut. I’ve read claims of stones as large as 1 1/2 inches passing, but seeing the anatomy in the body, until I myself pass one painlessly this size, I may remain skeptical as well as you all are. I don’t put it outside the realm of possibility, as most tissues are pretty flexible, but I’m not wide open watching what is really going on. All I have have to go on is what I know about biology, and my own experience. I have yet to see anyone I have recommended the flush to pass anything larger than a peanut either so…

    And let’s be clear. The olive oil is NOT for lubricating the bile ducts. This is internet myth. On one of my flushes, I vomited the stuff up rather soon after I imbibed it, and released more stones that flush than any other! The olive oil/grapefruit juice mix is used ONLY to cause a massive release of bile from the liver at one time. The bile lubricates the ducts. The Epsom Salts relax the fine muscle tissues in the ducts and allow the bile to push the stones out.

    This is the “theory” with which the liver flush works on. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve done it myself. If anything, it did not harm me. It DID however stop my massive gallstone attacks and prevented me from having my gallbladder removed…a very necessary organ imo.

  48. One thing to keep in mind, I should add, is that the notion that stones cannot just pass through the ducts is foolishness. If that was the case, humans would never suffer acute illnesses invoked by these stones. They pass out of the liver and gallbladder pretty often and cause blockages…hence removal of the gallbladder.

    If the stones couldn’t dislodge and pass through the bile ducts, we would never hear about attacks, would we?

    Food for thought.

  49. Robert, you nailed it! Maha Harb is the confluence of extreme ignorance, clear lack of education, and psychopathic tendencies laced with manic narcissism (not sure if that’s an actual condition, but a diagnosis nonetheless). I am guessing an alcoholic father played a role in her intellectual nothingness; going out on a limb here, but again, a diagnosis nonetheless. She mangles the English language to such an extreme that you have to wonder if she has some broken Google translator imbedded in her demented brain. Or, maybe the “English” she vomits is transmitted directly from her brain stem as rotten as that surely is. Pity those she lives with that must endure what must be an endless diatribe about the evils of modern medicine. But then again, she likely lives alone as her apparent toxicity is repellant to anyone breathing. And, you can be absolutely sure there is no possible treatment for her mental condition—alternative or otherwise.

  50. Most of us who support alternative medicine don’t sit and rant about modern medicine and big pharma. We know what the deal is. If others ask our opinions, we will be more than happy to discuss our views on health and diet.

    Like I have been saying here. There is a place for ALL modes of medicine. You can elect to put your health into a physicians hands and see an internal medicine doctor for general health and poison control, or you could look to diet and exercise and regular sun exposure and heal naturally. the natural method may not always produce immediate gratification, which is what this modern society is so hooked on, but it does indeed work for most conditions a internal medicine doctor would treat. You know…bumps and bruises and colds.

    Let’s not outright bash people here. It only shows lack of intelligence on your part. if you have an issue with something someone says, come at it like an adult. So, at one point in time your grammar and punctuation may not have been the best. I still think those that rely on someone else for their health are idiots and uneducated morons. Shall I sit here and toss that at you and everyone else? No. We are here discussing the topic at hand.

    I point out Mr. Hawkins and his garbage he spews, simply because of the manor he presents himself. I know all to well he could care less my opinion, and I of his. He shows what he is about every time he hits “Post Comment”.

  51. AVI! do I make you nervous!!!!! I hit a nerve indeed I did!

  52. Avi! BASEM* you are an arab man that hates women and america!!

  53. But seriously. I’m tired of this shit.

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