Nuts to admire

I’m reminded by this comment of Timothy Treadwell, a.k.a., Grizzly Man. Discovery will go through Grizzly Man marathons every once in awhile; I always find myself watching them. Treadwell was a nut, but he was a nut to be admired. His intent was good and he sought out what was important to him. That’s something to be liked. Unfortunately, instead of eating a bear (something he would never do), he was killed by a grizzly, which subsequently ate him (and his girlfriend). It was predictable:

(Some of the better videos have had embedding disabled.)

Who is a nut you admire?

One Response

  1. The first bush. that crazy bastard still jumps out of an airplane once a year. If jumping out of airplanes doesn’t make you a nut by itself, than jumping out of them at whatever ungodly age he is now certainly does.

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