Massive Exit – Boulders Uphill

This comes from a couple of long time friends of mine, one of whom sometimes posts on FTSOS. It’s an absolutely fantastic song. Please give it a listen.

A response to the pope

Come one, come all

…to The Liberal Cup in Hallowell on Dec 7. I’m going to be co-hosting the weekly trivia game with a friend that night. Bring your friends, put down ten bucks for trivia, buy a few beers (The ‘Cup has the best around), and see if you can get any of my awesome, awesome questions. One special hint for FTSOS readers: no answer is going to “evolution”. That would be lame and probably too easy.

Heck, you can even argue with me in person if you want. But I don’t recommend it. My alcohol consumption will not be considered “light”. Or maybe that would make me all the more formidable. Try your luck.

Catholics create funny sign

There is a sign by American Atheists in New Jersey that says, “You KNOW it’s a Myth. This Season, Celebrate REASON!” I personally disapprove of the capricious capitalization, but the message has reportedly been making an impact.

Mr Silverman said despite the fact that the billboard has only been up for a few days, he and his group are calling the campaign a success.

‘We’re getting a lot of response from closeted atheists saying: “Thank you for putting it up.”’

I’m sure it’s also causing a lot of discussion, and that’s always good for a minority position when it is the minority that is directing the initial talk.

But now the Catholics have responded with a sign of their own.

“You know it’s real,” the newer billboard tells drivers passing the corner of Dyer Avenue and West 31st Street in Manhattan. “This season, celebrate Jesus.”

That capitalization in the Catholic sign is better than in the atheist sign (and not as depicted in the news article), but it could be improved.

But I digress.

Look at how the signs match up. The Catholic sign, intentionally placed on the other side of a New Jersey-New York tunnel as the atheist sign is suppose to be a direct response. The atheist sign says (ignoring its particular capitalization), “You know it’s a myth”, with the Catholic sign responding, “You know it’s real.” Okay, fair enough. That’s pretty straight-forward. Not really all that great or especially effective since it doesn’t distract from the atheist message, instead implying that the atheist message is worthy of some sort of attention, but it’s at least not terrible. But then the next line in the atheist sign is, “This season, celebrate reason!” And how do the Catholics respond? This season, celebrate Jesus.” While I appreciate the decision not to use an exclamation point, do they really want to imply there is a contrast between reason and Jesus? I mean, of course they aren’t trying to do that, and of course there really is quite a stark contrast, but anyone comparing the two billboards is forced to conclude that there is a divide between the two – and the Catholics surely do not want that.

But I guess I shouldn’t expect the Catholic church to offer a thoughtful response.

Thought of the day

The right-wing Christian view of sex that says marriage is primarily for procreation is hilarious. It is perhaps one of the most sexually immature points of view that isn’t a direct product of being in junior high.