Reddit layoffs

Reddit has to be the most vile mainstream website in existence. Run by bad faith trolls, filled with degenerate content, and completely infiltrated by shills and astroturfers, it has zero value to society. It’s a website for teenage trolls to be tricked into thinking Bernie Sanders and Vladimir Putin are good people, all while men pretending to be women exact complete control over every space in an effort to undermine the most basic of family values (and not merely the faux family values espoused by conservatives for decades). But now that its Chinese investments are running thin – and since they have never been able to complete the grift by going public since its CEO and employees are universally incompetent – it is being hit by layoffs:

Reddit has begun letting go of employees in various departments across the company as part of its ongoing review of individual staffer performance, according to four current and former employees who spoke with Insider and a Reddit spokesperson.

Among those impacted in January were employees who worked in data science, software engineering, community management, and creator relationships. Current employees at the company also received an email on January 24 informing them that more layoffs could be coming as the company reviews employee performance, and that it intends to backfill most of those roles. Insider was unable to determine the total number of Reddit employees who were let go during the month. But several of the sources said low performers weren’t the only ones let go.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” one laid-off staffer said. “I was told that I had done a good job.” The former employee spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid damaging their relationship with the company.

Maybe you shouldn’t run a website like a complete piece of shit.


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