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Trees: first they pollute and now they warm

We all know trees are major sources of pollution because Ronald Reagan intelligently said so back in the 80’s when he probably had early stage Alzheimer’s Disease:

Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do.

True story.

But it’s worse than we ever imagined. It’s those damn trees that have been causing all this global warming:

Looking for a solution to global warming? Maybe start clear-cutting many of the world’s forests, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher says…

“Is there some thought being given to subsidizing the clearing of rainforests in order for some countries to eliminate that production of greenhouse gases?” the California Republican asked Todd Stern, the top U.S. climate diplomat and lead witness at the hearing. “Or would people be supportive of cutting down older trees in order to plant younger trees as a means to prevent this disaster from happening?”

I have a feeling that if scientists started throwing this out there as the solution to global warming, Republicans suddenly wouldn’t have a single bit of opposition to the facts. Those crazy science lovers.

The return to Gulf Hagas

I wrote last year of my trip to Gulf Hagas. It was so darn swell that I decided to go again this year with Shambling After (who, AHEM, needs to blog more).

Pictures to come

This isn’t my video, but I was here all day today.

Yeah, Maine is okay.

Thought of the day

It’s difficult to point out what the absolute worst argument is from believers. They are so many choices. But at least one of the worst has got to be when they attempt to dispute that the burden of proof lies with them, not atheists or agnostics or anyone else not making the positive claim. Granted, most theists just ignore this argument rather than engage it, but every so often I see someone attempt to refute it.

And then I chuckle. With a grain of sadness.

Discarded trivia

Here is some more discarded trivia:

Name the only mammals capable of delivering venom? (Humans do not count).

There are three answers, but two of them are too specific/difficult. Since I don’t want to confuse everyone at trivia night by qualifying that I will accept broad groupings (such as “some dogs” or “some cats” – neither of which is a correct answer, obviously), this question got the boot.

And as always, no cheating.

Officer Ian Birk murders John T. Williams

They won’t show you this on Cops.

This happened last year. Birk still has not been charged.