Gulf Hagas

I went for a hike yesterday in what I suspect is the most beautiful part of Maine.

Following along the Pleasant River, Gulf Hagas is a spectacular stretch of protected land just south of Baxter State Park. Just about every turn seems to have a viewpoint, each one more dramatic than the last. In fact, I couldn’t help by stop for a little extra than normal at each one, adding quite a bit of time to what was purported to be a 5-6 hour hike (which I would normally do in 4-5).

At Screw Auger Falls (that ever so common name for waterfalls throughout Maine, it seems), the water was dark, surely cold, but appeared just deep enough to justify a jump. So naturally I had to do it. And yes, once within the darkness, it was excruciatingly frigid. It got no better the second time in.

This is one of those places where I literally said “wow” out loud so many times, I’m actually hesitant to post about it. It’s popular enough as it is (part of the Appalachian Trail goes through it) and I like my trails deserted, but it’s hard to resist talking about it, if even only as an excuse to post pictures.

Yes, that is me. Yes, I am clothed.

I unfortunately didn’t bring my own camera, so my choice of what to upload is limited. However, another person did bring her camera, so more pictures will be forthcoming (and without me in them).

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