Gays are like terrorists

That’s what Bill O’Reilly thinks.

Gay groups tossed Fox’s Bill O’Reilly into the deep fryer Thursday for mocking a gay-friendly McDonald’s airing in France – and burning up the web.

The ad features a teen chatting his boyfriend on the phone while his dad is at the Mickey D’s food counter. He hurriedly hangs up and smiles wryly when his dad sits down and tells him he can have any girl he wants.

“Do they have an Al-Qaeda ad?” O’Reilly asked Wednesday night on his Fox show.

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It’s hard to see how context adds anything that helps Billo here. After he and Jane Skinner are confused over why McDonald’s would make such an ad, he compares it to the validity of an ad for al-Qaeda. They apparently don’t get that McDonald’s is trying to reach out to all parts of society. That’s why they always have a black guy, Asian woman, and a few other minorities on their products and in their commercials. They want to come across as non-discriminatory. Billo has to be stupid to think that means they want to also reach out to terrorists.

I just hope they make another ad with the same actors where the kid comes out to his dad.

Some benefits for gay couples

It’s a step in the right direction.

President Barack Obama on Wednesday expanded benefits for same-sex partners of federal employees, a move likely to be welcomed by gay rights activists who have questioned his commitment to their causes.

Obama said he had directed government agencies to offer a number of new benefits to the families of gay and lesbian federal employees, including family assistance services, hardship transfers and relocation expenses.

How horrible. More families have more equality. Next logical stop: sex with animals. R-right?

Of course, the only way any of these families can actually get more than a taste of equality is through full marital rights – you know, those legal rights that are legally conferred upon people through a legal contract.

Thought of the day

Way to go, Jim Joyce.