Hubble images offer better benchmark for stellar evolution

Hubble images have helped to detect minute movements in relatively new stars previously expected to have settled down by now.

The discovery, reported in June 2 in Astrophysical Journal Letters, may cause astronomers to rethink how clusters form and evolve. The new measurements will help astronomers to develop benchmarks of cluster evolution and better estimate the masses of other star clusters. Many such measurements are based on the stars having reached a more settled state known as virial equilibrium. If the stars haven’t reached this state, the mass of the cluster will be overestimated.

Thought of the day

“Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s wife” is a ridiculous commandment. It amounts to a thought crime.

Will they admit it when it doesn’t work?

There are religious groups planning prayer vigils in response to the Gulf of Mexico spill because they don’t know prayer doesn’t work.

The Wednesday event will be a sunset vigil that will last about 45 minutes, said Amanda Richardson Bacon, one of the organizers.

She said the Wednesday vigil is also intended as a community meeting and not a protest rally or national activity.

“Everyone is so angry and frustrated and we need to unite instead,” she said. “We’re all tired. We’re all frustrated. This is a chance to just turn it over to someone else for a minute.”

And when nothing happens, will they actually admit prayer is impotent? No. No, it will be God’s plan. I guess God being evil is okay sometimes, right?