What killed Andreas Moritz?

Andreas Moritz, a man who put people in danger by directing them away from real medical treatment, died at least two weeks ago. According to various places on the Interwebs, his cause of death would be released soon after his funeral. However, that doesn’t appear to have been accurate information. There is no information available anywhere on his website to date, and people on his Facebook page are getting upset that quotes by him keep getting posted without anyone saying a single thing about how he died. I suppose there isn’t really a hard timeline when it comes to funerals, but it has always been my experience that they occur within a week of death. Something seems fishy. Just take a look at this tribute on his website:

It is natural for all of us to wonder about the cause of a dear one’s passing. As we know, the soul will find an effective way – an ‘exit strategy,’ if you will – to accomplish its loving, compassionate journey home to the higher realms once our Mission and soul’s work is complete on Earth. Many of us have read about spiritual teachers, including well-known yogis and Masters, who have transcended into the Light in any number of ways. When it is ‘our time,’ the soul will find an outlet to accomplish this transition purpose.

I usually only find myself thinking about topic sentences when someone misuses the concept of them. This is one of those times. It appears as though whoever wrote this tribute thought about addressing questions over Moritz’s cause of death, but quickly changed course. That leads me to the unfortunate conclusion that it is unlikely anyone outside Moritz’s family and friends will ever know what killed him.

But let’s not be coy: I strongly suspect he died of cancer or some other disease he spent decades upon decades campaigning against getting treated properly. If that is the case, then it makes sense that his family and followers wouldn’t want to go public with the cause of death. It isn’t hard to figure out why that is, but I’ll spell it out: If he died of a treatable type of cancer, then everything he worked to do will be undermined. His death would likely be the result of his own negligence and the ineffectiveness of the malarkey he practiced and promoted. Everything people in the sciences have been telling him would be bolstered and his career as a snake oil salesman would be exposed.

Let me emphasize one thing, though: This is only a suspicion of mine. I am not claiming that he died of any particular cause. If it turns out that he was in a car accident, it can’t be said I ever denied that as a possibility. I just simply suspect there is a compelling reason why his people refuse to say anything.

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  1. You’re certainly not the only one who has suspicions. Personally, I think the public — his customers, potential customers, and his critics — deserve some kind of an explanation.

  2. “If he died of a treatable type of cancer”

    I doubt that anyone close to him has any idea about which kind of cancer can be treated and what are the chances. For the publisher and followers the only thing that matters is ‘was he suffering from something preventable or treatable by his own methods?’

  3. All this speculation…..

    It doesn’t matter how his body died. There are a myriad of illnesses that even modern medicine has no answers. The whole point to his work is to take responsibility for your own health, and not rely on anyone else to do that for you. He gives options that have been around for 6,000 years or more, but are recently suppressed by big pharma….

    Wasn’t too long ago folks drank kerosene for everything from a cold to cancer. This “treatment” is starting to gain some ground in some circles again these days. My grandmother tells me all the time about taking a tablespoon of kerosene with sugar for a cold/flu or whatever else ailed ya. Now, with modern scare tactics in place on these types of things, one cringes at the thought of taking even a drop of these petroleum products. They will tell you it will poison you. They will tell you that it destroys your insides…..yet, when you pick up an MSDS sheet on kerosene, you can drink just over a cup of the stuff before you’ll get sick. I know, i worked with the stuff for years. It’s a hydrocarbon and an oxidizer. The human machine is nothing more than an oxidation machine. There’s more to it than this simple description, but in essence, that’s all it is.

    We could get on the topic of MMS (Master Mineral Solution), which is nothing more than activated Sodium Chlorite. This too is an oxidizer, just is oxygen, except it’s more oxidative, which is why it works. Some say it’s the Clorine Dioxide that does the work, but others argue that it’s far too unstable to last much beyond 30 seconds in the stomach environment. The breakdown product, Chlorus Acid, is another possibility, and has some credit. Chlorus Acid is formed in the stomach when the Sodium Chlorite/Chlorine Dioxide hits your HCI. Nothing more than an oxidizer, and yes, I agree it can present oxidative stress on the body if improperly used. I don’t agree with all of Jim Humbles protocols, but I DO have MMS in my fridge….

    Once you understand how the body works, which is what the vast majority of the books he wrote explains (information known and recognized on all sides of the fence), you can better understand how to take care of it. You don’t need a ton of fancy degrees and letters after your name to understand how your body works. You just need to listen to your body, as it knows best what it needs. The problem with modern society is we have forgotten how to do this, and pump all these toxins into the system and break it down slowly, whether it’s via diet, lack of exercise, pharmaceutical medications ect…this has caused most of the population to lose track of their innate ability to listen to their own bodies and heal them.

    There is a place in this world for ALL forms of medicine. Say I’m in a horrific auto accident, I want a level 1 trauma center with all those fancy machines and specially trained people to save my life. As far as “internal medicine”, I see this branch as the joke. There is absolutely no need for this. All they are good for is treating scraped knees and dispensing toxic poisons in the name of heath. I, myself, was given anti-anxiety medication for a hernia! Can you believe that. And, when I looked up this medication (BuSpar for those who would like to check it out), it clearly states “we do not know the method of action of this drug” right on the page for it! Yea, I’m going to take that…..NOT. You could indeed levy the same claim to herbal remedies I nsuppose, but not very many people have died eating or taking herbs to treat illness. If you did a comparison, say with Kava Kava and Depakote for instance, I know 2 people who suffered liver damage from Kava Kava, both were using far too much. I know about 30 other folks who use this for occasional slumps and they are just fine and it works great according to them. I knew 12 people on Depakote, all who committed suicide. Then we can get into kidney damage from other antidepressants…….liver damage…..cell damage…..ok.

    Where do you people think your modern medicine comes from? Where do you think they are finding all these compounds? PLANTS! Only when it can be synthesized can it be termed and sold as a drug. You can’t put a patent on a plant.

    As for what killed Andreas, well, perhaps it was people like YOU who killed him. All your negative energies, evil words and being just plain mean to another person who was simply trying to share their point of view. When you believe i homeopathy, it comes with believing in a universal connection to anything and everything around you….the whole every action has an equal and opposite reaction thing.

    Andreas is not dead to me. He is still here in spirit. He will always be a part of my life. I’m not as closed minded as you boneheads. I see value in ALL forms of medicine….situational dependent.

    Peace and Love.

  4. …irony is this.

    No more than I posted that response, and 4 back to back ads came on for Depakote causing birth defects……..

    Last herbal supp I heard about was iron, and you don’t want to take too much cause it’ll kill ya……….

    Food for thought ladies.

  5. The poor man was probably just fed up with the constant negativity, abuse and fear responses that he delt with all his life in a country that still believes that the Pharmacutical Industry is there to save us (bollocks)! He probably just wanted some peace and quiet. I don’t blame him for dissapearing from the public eye. The other possiblity is that the Pharmacuetical Industry has told him to dissapear “or else” and it wouldn’t be the first time such a person has been told to shut up.. Andreas Moritz is a pacifist and if told to shut up “or else” would most likely do so. All the more power to him, at least now he doesn’t have to put up with every idiot out there having a dig at him because of his insight and brilliance. That’s how society treats people that are ahead of their time and brave enough to voice the truths. Now everyone else say Baahhh and follow each other to the counter, the man in the white cloak is ready for you, open your wallets for your daily medication. “Medication time”$$$$$$$$$$$

  6. Interesting theory Bill……

    I would suppose, until a death certificate is presented, this could be a valid theory as the what is going on here……..

    Well said.

  7. “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers or elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

  8. A. Moritz already looked quite weak in his last videos. So I assume it was an illness that killed him. I hope now that he is dead some of his followers will wake up.

  9. Justan Observer, keep up the good work! Andreas’ body may have surrendered, but his fight will never, and although we did not start it, we will see it through!

    I cannot believe how close minded the general population is, it makes me sick. I can no longer hang around these noxious people who have their head jammed so far up their own ass they can’t even read between the lines on their own and are too scared to take one step outside the box, from comfort and security to possible ridicule. Anyone who pukes out of their mouth with this garbage of how Andreas is a quack obviously have no formal groundwork of education on the body’s foundational health requirements, and fail to recognize that the study materials they have been educating themself with are funded by the pharmaceutical industry, most which is writen up by CEOs of drug companies; sales materials. Nature is a dictatorship; we must follow it’s laws or we die. Conventional medicine goes against almost all of these laws. Andreas embraces and respects these laws and develops ways to work in harmony with the intent of nature. It’s sickening to see people call him a quack for promoting the only medicine that exists that promotes whole body healing without side effect, while they hide themselves behind the flock of sheep of repeaters, hoping that what the flock is repeating onto them is right. Well it’s WRONG, and you look like damn fools repeating each other, puking up a bunch of nonsense where you have no heart invested. Try telling the millions of people who were saved by Andreas’ teachings, who previously suffered severely for decades under the care of conventional ‘medicine’. I am one of them, and let me tell you, if you are not mature, motivated or dedicted enough to learn and experiment with all types of medicine, it is quite obvious you do not have a heart in medicine, nor have you put in enough time of suffering to realize that conventional medicine is the only form of quackery that exists. You ignorant bone heads have no idea what kind of a negative impact you create on people’s health when you suppress the work of practitioners like Andreas. You obviously enjoy sounding all spiffy and scientific .. But this isn’t pre-school any more. This is the real world, where the things you say impacts others in real time. Before you go around trying to discredit theories or forms of medicine, you better damn well know for yourself without a doubt what the truth is. Once you grow a brain of your own, you’ll realize that the herd of sheep you’re following leads to a dead end, and that by turning your back on the laws of nature and those who preached it wil be responsible for herding your whole family over the edge too.

  10. They say he died of mold poisioning. His heart failed.

  11. “Andreas Moritz, a man who put people in danger by directing them away from real medical treatment,”

    isn’t your mind surfaced by the possibility that Andreas Mortiz was killed by the pharmaceutical mafia and the family is not saying anything because they are threatened by the mafia?
    I am a direct testimony of the validity of his method, just completed today my 13th liver cleansing, and still stones are coming out, and I am experiencing a level of health that NO OFFICIAL SCIENCE will ever be giving. Why? because hospitals are filled by methods that are meant to keep people ill. Because this makes a lot of money.

    I am horrified. Every time somebody dares stand up against the medical establishment and offer treatments that are a real solution, and cost NOTHING, he dies misteriously.

    There is an ongoing attack on natural methods of healing known by centuries, the pharmaceutical giants have forced the law to set up a method of certification for herbs that is so expensive that people stop selling such a cheap and working method of cure, that our grandfather have used for centuries.

    Parmaceutical giants have so much money that they pay corrupted scientists to invent theories and proof of the working of their treatmentes. And people like you swallow them like truths. People wake up!

    Moritz found out the real cause of cancer, helping people heal themselves, without expenses. If you were the seller of extremely expensive chemiotherapy technology, if you were an oncologist earning a lot of money, if a whole very powerful and very greedy group of people saw their profit in danger because somebody is
    offering something that works what would you do? wouldn’t you
    kill him secretely and wouldn’t you spread the rumour that he died
    of cancer so that nobody will believe that their cure is working?
    They did the same with Hulda Clark, the doctor who first delevoled this method of cleansing and detoxifing of the body, and reports say that she died of cancer. But how can we believe a report made by doctors who have an interest to make people believe that she died of cancer so they won’t believe that her method works and will keep going to very expensive hospital treatments that just kill people?

    This is a video from somebody who knew Moritz and is recommending not to the believe the rumours that he was ill until the truth will come out.

  12. Quack quack quack.

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