Thought of the day

There should be a day each year devoted to making it a point to say “Thank you” to those who work in retail and customer service jobs. These people may be doing mostly low-skilled labor, but that doesn’t mean their jobs are free of stress and pressure. If you don’t believe me, get a seasonal job working at any retailer. Be sure you ask for a Black Friday shift.

I’m in a fortunate position where I have enough choices that I never have to work a customer service job ever again, but I’ve been there. I’ve had jobs at big box stores; I’ve bagged groceries and returned carts. It was a rare day that I didn’t feel like a faceless number, someone about whom neither the customer nor the employer really cared. But every so often there were those days where someone would sincerely thank me, maybe even mentioning something of our interaction to my supervisor. Those were the days when I didn’t feel faceless, where I felt like someone actually cared. Those were the days that made a difference.

So here is my proposal: Let’s designate one day a year to thanking the millions of people who specifically work in retail and customer service. They get beaten down all year by the relentless soullessness of so many of their jobs. They deserve a “thank you”.