Atheist Bus News

The atheist bus campaign in Indiana has averted a legal showdown and won the right to display its ads.

From the beginning, the Indiana Atheist Bus Campaign said it knew it was going to win the fight against the Bloomington Public Transportation Corporation.

After two months, the campaign was given the OK to run the ad “You Can Be Good Without God.”

“We’re all elated we won, of course,” said Charlie Sitzes, spokesman for the bus campaign. “We knew we were going to win the lawsuit.”

The decision comes just a week before the lawsuit was supposed to hit federal court in Indianapolis, Sitzes said.

The Bloomington Public Transportation Corporation will also be paying a substantial portion of the legal fees that were incurred. I have no idea why they thought for a moment that they would win this case, but it’s good that they quit before they got embarrassed any more.

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