Bob Emrich

Bob Emrich is a major bigot and a danger to the well-being of Maine and the good reputation of Maine. Of course, he is one of the hateful Christians seeking to invade the secular nature of Maine law to deny people the right to marry on the basis of gender. He also says dumb things like this.

State voters have repeatedly defined marriage as between a man and a woman when given the opportunity, with the latest vote in California, said Emrich, founder of Maine Jeremiah Project, which aims to get people of faith involved in setting public policy.

“Without exception, they’ve always voted to protect the traditional definition of marriage,” Emrich said.

And for a long time, so did the South. After all, the “traditional definition of marriage” for a very long time was that interracial unions were unholy and thus not allowed. Emrich is presenting a plainly dumb argument. “Well, we’ve been doing it for so long!”

I’m tired of parsing words or dilly-dallying around the issue. These people are fucking stupid. They have the intelligence of a glop of mud. These huge bigots (not that small bigots are okay) find homosexuality icky and/or they’re uncomfortable with their own sexuality. Often, their sexuality is repressed (see priests). They have immature views on what sex is, what its purpose is, what it means, and they are unable to make universal appeals which support any of the dogmatic inanity they embrace. Why do we listen to these fools?

These don't even look real

These don’t even look real

Thought of the day

Is there more beauty in the process or the result?

I’ve had this debate with a friend, and he believes its the result. I tend to disagree. When I stand atop Little Spencer mountain somewhere off in western Maine and I overlook the huge, flat swath of land and lakes between the mountain ranges, I cannot help but imagine the massive process of massive glaciers slowly navigating their destructive and forming ways through everything to sculpt what I now see. Just consider it. It took literally billions of years for that part of the earth to come together as I see it – and it will only stay that way for a brief moment.

I appreciate such gravity.