Here’s a video of FOX Noise trying to embarrass a proponent of recycled toilet paper.

Fair and balanced? Really? This moron reporter was attempting to mock her interviewee throughout the entire segment. This is completely typical of the level of quality that FOX Noise has to offer.

The same evidence

We all have the same evidence in front of us. We just have different interpretations.

For instance, most scientists believe we think with our brains. But that’s merely one circumstantial interpretation. We can never know if we really think with our brains. Why not another organ?

I submit that we actually think with our kidneys. These amazing little machines are, at their core, a microcosm of humanity. We humans are always striving to become better and better people. We want to get rid of the parts of ourselves that are no good and better manage and improve the parts of ourselves which are beneficial. Kidneys do exactly this.

Our kidneys help to filter our blood, improving its quality and use. They also are key in getting rid of a lot of our waste – namely urine.

Humans are always thinking of how to gain in quality and discard internal waste. Our kidneys have long known just how to do this. It makes sense that our ability to think would be intricately linked to an organ which displays the very same attributes we constantly seek in our lives.