Here’s a video of FOX Noise trying to embarrass a proponent of recycled toilet paper.

Fair and balanced? Really? This moron reporter was attempting to mock her interviewee throughout the entire segment. This is completely typical of the level of quality that FOX Noise has to offer.

8 Responses

  1. :rotfl:

    Tissues are going to destroy the Earth!

  2. If you notice, FOX Noise failed. It turns out that there isn’t really much of a difference in the quality of the tissue types. The difference comes in the fact that one is cheaper and environmentally better to use.

  3. :rotfl:

    And this is important .. somehow?

  4. You’re an idiot.

  5. They’re tissues!

    They’re going to destroy us all!

    It used to be the badly dressed Christian on the sidewalk who was mocked for waving a, “The end is nigh” sign. Now people are taking a tissue apocalypse seriously and you’re calling me an idiot. :)

  6. I hardly think Greenpeace is saying the toilet paper issue is the number one issue on their agenda. They are just bringing this to the attention of people. It is an issue, the use of tissue. If we want to live in a cleaner, healthier world, if we want to live healthier lives, we most certainly should stop pumping all kinds of chemicals into our environment. And cutting down primal forests and destroying nature doesn’t help either. Sustainability is the keyword here.

  7. It’s toilet paper. Nobody in their right mind cares.

  8. Grant. Granted I’m a few months late you’re missing the point. You’re right, TOILET PAPER isn’t the issue. It’s what the toilet paper is made out of that’s the issue. If you can use a recycled product that’s better for your environment, and you, and is cheaper, why wouldn’t you? Unless you’re a typical conservative American who doesn’t think our environment is important, I’m sure you can understand the implications put forth. Oye.

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