I never have a bad day hiking

Or, in this case, I never have a bad weekend hiking.





Kilimanjaro has nothing on this mountain. (Click twice to enlarge.)


If all goes well…

I’m scheduling this post well ahead of time (it’s December 15th as I type this), but if all goes well, I should be at the top of this little hill today:


Well, I’m off

I should be walking on top of the highest peak in the Southern and Western hemisphere in about 15 days.


I’ve got a friend watching FTSOS while I’m gone. He may make a post or two, but I’m not sure. Either way, I’ve scheduled a bunch of stuff, so posts will be made.

One week

This is where I’ll be headed to climb one week from today:



If you want to see some bad pictures of me and good pictures of Marissa, a.k.a. Shambling After, take a look at her post about our Acadia Adventure.

And who knows when she’ll get to see that part of Maine again. She ships out for Armenia as a member of the Peace Corps in just a few weeks.

Hedgehog Mountain

It isn’t a winter hike if you don’t build a snowman.

Photo by Bree


If your memory is exhausted or if you have extreme

This is more of a formality than anything since I already posted the epicness of day 7, but there was a day 8 on the mountain. We had already descended below 10,000 feet by the end of day 7, so we didn’t have terribly far to go. Of course, going down is tougher in many regards because it really kills the knees, but reciting Mitch Hedberg’s repertoire half the time made things go quite a bit faster.

Here is everyone walking through the rain forest.

And here is goodness.

(Picture by Mike.)

You will have memories soon from now

This is day 7. We left camp at 12:15am. We were told it was in the 30’s, but I’m from Maine and I’ve been in the cold. It was at least in the 20’s, if not a little lower. Combine that with the low oxygen and relative lack of sleep and a tough night was ahead of us. And of course, it was worth every uncomfortable moment to reach that summit.

This first one is from just below Stella Point.

I’m not sure of the name of the peak in the distance in this one. Sure is purdy, though.

Here’s one of the remaining glaciers atop the mountain – the only place glaciers make an appearance in Africa. They used to be much larger, extending well down the side of the mountain. Gee, I wonder what’s to blame for their demise.

This next one doesn’t do the landscape justice. (Really, none of these do.) Despite the glaciers shrinking over the years, they are still quite massive. If a person stood next to this, he would be a small speck.

And of course,

And finally, everyone. I honestly could not have picked a better group. (Sorry, people I personally know. These guys and gals were better.)