I never have a bad day hiking

Or, in this case, I never have a bad weekend hiking.





Kilimanjaro has nothing on this mountain. (Click twice to enlarge.)


If all goes well…

I’m scheduling this post well ahead of time (it’s December 15th as I type this), but if all goes well, I should be at the top of this little hill today:


Well, I’m off

I should be walking on top of the highest peak in the Southern and Western hemisphere in about 15 days.


I’ve got a friend watching FTSOS while I’m gone. He may make a post or two, but I’m not sure. Either way, I’ve scheduled a bunch of stuff, so posts will be made.

One week

This is where I’ll be headed to climb one week from today:



If you want to see some bad pictures of me and good pictures of Marissa, a.k.a. Shambling After, take a look at her post about our Acadia Adventure.

And who knows when she’ll get to see that part of Maine again. She ships out for Armenia as a member of the Peace Corps in just a few weeks.

Hedgehog Mountain

It isn’t a winter hike if you don’t build a snowman.

Photo by Bree