Repost: Non-acceptance and intolerance

I am reposting a something I wrote from a couple of years ago because it seems that people – and by that I mean stupid conservatives – don’t seem to get the simple distinction between non-acceptance and intolerance. What makes this especially interesting is that most of these people are so-called libertarians, so one would think they would get it: there is a difference between not liking something and preventing someone from doing or believing something one does not like. But then, libertarianism is just a fancy word for the economically greedy nowadays.

Here is the post.

Time and again I find myself coming across people who think they’re making some grand point when they call me (or those who share my views) intolerant. It is utterly evident that these people have no working definition of “intolerance”. They are completely unable to make even the simplest of distinctions (which fits with why they tend to be conservative).

The most common instance of this has to do with same-sex marriage. It’s a definitional fact that those who oppose same-sex marriage are bigots. They deny that marriage is a right for all and base their conclusions on a lack of acceptance for homosexuality. This lack of acceptance, though wholly ignorant and pathetic, is legally and morally acceptable on some level because it does not infringe on the rights of others. However, the conclusions based on that lack of acceptance are morally reprehensible and (more relevantly to government) legally unsound. They are non-acceptance turned intolerance. And intolerance is the cornerstone of bigotry.

With that in mind, it should be obvious that those in favor of same-sex marriage are not intolerant, even if they think homosexuality is wrong. The time when it is appropriate to describe someone as intolerant is also the time when it is appropriate to use the word “bigot”, such as with anti-same-sex marriage people. They have infringed upon a person’s rights.

It can’t be helped that the word “bigot” is perfectly suited for the subject, but there seems to be some confusion with its use. The word itself does not equal intolerance. No one is infringing upon anyone’s rights or freedoms or liberties. No one is forcing Catholics (the bigoted driving force behind Maine’s recent bigotry) to accept anything. More over, no one is forcing anyone to do or believe anything whatsoever which infringes upon anything remotely important (i.e., rights, freedoms, liberties). Calling a bigot a bigot and not letting them get their bigoted way is not intolerance.

The confusion here is mind-boggling. It’s as if people have no ability to distinguish simple concepts. What’s more, when non-acceptance shows up as a lack of respect, people further believe there is intolerance afoot. Puh-lease. If I say, for instance, that the belief that God created the Universe in the middle of the well-established civilization of the Sumerians is, in fact, a very stupid thing to think, I am not being intolerant. Where have I infringed upon anyone’s rights? Where have I stopped someone from having the freedom to hold such a stupid thought? The answer is that I have not done that. It’s simply that I, as well as most educated people, cannot give deference to such silly things. That’s a lack of acceptance, not intolerance.

2 Responses

  1. We are losing our ability to communicate. It bothers me when words are used incorrectly….especially loaded words such as bigoted or intolerant. We are succumbing to ignorants when they toss around words such as socialist, or communist to describe Obama’s policies when they don’t have a clue as to what these words really mean.

    The news media scours the bottom for feeders to enhance their ratings ….we are dumbing down to a point when recovery to maintain a level of communication skills will be limited to pounding out on a keyboard LOL or F U. It is sad..

  2. I heard a guy today describe Obama’s book as equivalent to Mein Kampf. The guy was a motor mouth and it was soon clear that he was racist and extremely ignorant.

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