This is why you’re single

Greg Fultz is an overweight, unattractive, greasy-haired middle-aged man with bad taste in clothing. One would think those things would be cause enough to keep a man single for more years than not. Yet despite these obvious shortcomings, Fultz managed to date someone. He even managed to have sex with her. For the sake of the poor girl, one can only hope Fultz’s full-body hygiene was not reflected in his hair.

But then Fultz had to go ahead and do something monumentally stupid. After getting his girlfriend pregnant, he took out a $13,000 billboard ad ranting against her:

Fultz said the billboard was inspired by a real-life experience.

The so-called father’s perspective on abortion was even endorsed by New Mexico Right To Life.

“I wanted to get out this message. I felt it was important and powerful enough to maybe sway one person’s mind from having an abortion,” Fultz said.

New Mexico Right To Life said this was the first time it ever agreed to endorse a billboard, and it will be the last.

“We contacted Greg and asked to have our endorsement removed from the billboard,” Betty Eichenseer, New Mexico Right To Life, said.

Eichenseer said one of the reasons the group wanted to pull the endorsement is because Fultz’s girlfriend might not have had an abortion. Fultz admits that he has no idea how his baby was lost but said the message on his billboard stands.

According to various reports, it looks like the girl had a miscarriage. Not that that is especially relevant. It just makes Fultz look all the more like the stupid ass he obviously is.

I’m not the sort of person to take the wild stance that a pregnant woman shouldn’t consider discussing her decision with the man who got her pregnant. I think it’s entirely reasonable, especially if the couple plans to remain together. That isn’t to say the man’s input is equal to the woman’s. It’s her body. But if she’s going to make a decision that affects another person, it isn’t some crazy thing to say it’s fair to consider that other person. It would be as if a man in a relationship decided to get a vasectomy. Sure, he can do that if he wants. He can even be secretive about it and never mention it to his girlfriend or wife. But that doesn’t mean he should.

But all this qualification obviously isn’t important to a piece of shit like Fultz. The guy believes his position is more important than hers. He’s a selfish, stupid ‘man’ who doesn’t have an appropriate perspective. Even if he had his facts straight and his ex-girlfriend did have an abortion, it is her right to destroy what constitutes a set of cells with potential. After all, that’s exactly what Fultz is doing every night now that he’s rightfully all alone.

June 6