Weekend Window to Monhegan Island

One of my favorite places in Maine has to be Monhegan Island. It’s a small artist colony about 12 miles off the coast, most commonly accessed from Port Clyde. Few people actually know that port by name – including many Mainers – but most people have at least seen it:

The relevant section begins at 1:29. That obviously isn’t the original scene (probably due to copyright issues), but we all remember the movie. I visited that very spot a few years back after learning Tom Hanks, my favorite actor, had been there. I even later met a gentleman who once lived on the narrow road leading to the point who told me his small harbor town had actually been the location for a number of big movies.

But as nice as Port Clyde is, that isn’t the big reason people go there. It’s really just the best point from which to depart in order to get to Monhegan Island. (Boothbay Harbor is also another point of departure for the island, but it isn’t as close.)

I’m making this post because of a recent video I saw on YouTube from ABC News. Titled Weekend Window to Monhegan Island, it unfortunately does not allow embedding, hence all the photos instead. It’s a nice little piece that made me nostalgic for all my past day trips to the island. Do watch it.

For anyone interested in visiting the island, get your ferry tickets here.

June 6

Quality music

I often hate most music I hear. It sucks. Objectively. No, no. I know what you’re thinking, “But Michael, it’s art. There’s a high subjectivity to it all, isn’t there? And even if we can say something objectively, then whether someone likes something or not, it’s still ultimately opinion, no?” Nope. It sucks.

But that isn’t the case with all music. Every once in awhile something with quality will come along. That was the case last night in Portland (the original, not that copycat place) at The Apohadion. I saw four local bands/acts: Shai Erlichman, The Cups, Manners, and Theodore Treehouse. They were all fun. And that’s a term I think should mean more than it usually does. Take movies, for instance. The term is bandied about for crappy summer nothing movies (“The most fun you’ll have all year at the movies!”), but it should be reserved for something with quality. I recall one critic describing Catch Me If You Can as a fun movie, and that’s entirely accurate. It’s also a great movie. It had something to it that made it more than just another movie. That’s how I feel about good bands. If I’m going to call them fun, there needs to be something more, some depth. I would say that applies to everyone I saw last night.