Those silly conservatives

I’ve written about John Lott several times. He’s another crazy conservative who wants everyone to carry guns and thinks that widening the income gap between rich and poor, just as Reagan did, is a good thing. Well, he stopped approving my comments at his crappy little blog long ago. He even de-friended me on Facebook (that one cut deep). It turns out that was a good thing. I didn’t realize just how much of a fraud John Lott is.

For three years, John Lott pretended to be a young woman.

Her name was Mary Rosh.

Mary Rosh often spoke sweetly of her days as a student of John’s, she gave a glowing review of his book “More Guns, Less Crime,” she criticized anyone who questioned John’s research or his conclusions, and she attacked other researchers in her ardent defense of Lott’s idea that more guns on the streets leads to less crime.

She was also a petite defenseless creature. We know this because John, we mean, she said:

“Do you really think that most women can out run your typical criminal?…Even if I am not wearing heels, I don’t think that there are many men that I could outrun.

“As a woman, who weighs 114 lbs, what am I supposed to do if I am confronted by a 200 lbs. man?”

Then a researcher at the conservative think tank CATO Institute discovered the truth about Mary Rosh and undressed John Lott for all the world to see.

Currently, Lott is a resident scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute.

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  1. Lott is a sad little fraud who can only get his views heard in the right wing-o-verse. He’s got so many problems with basic integrity that nobody outside Fox and the Washington Times will touch him. It’s amusing to see how carefully he has to write his blog posts so that he can avoid telling the truth without telling flat-out lies.

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