Discarded trivia

Here is some more discarded trivia:

Name the only mammals capable of delivering venom? (Humans do not count).

There are three answers, but two of them are too specific/difficult. Since I don’t want to confuse everyone at trivia night by qualifying that I will accept broad groupings (such as “some dogs” or “some cats” – neither of which is a correct answer, obviously), this question got the boot.

And as always, no cheating.

7 Responses

  1. A carrier pigeon could deliver venom.

  2. They are also aves.

  3. …that I will ACCEPT broad groupings…

  4. These things will happen.

  5. Platypus

  6. platypus and shrews I know, is the third one something shrew-like? Like hedgehogs or moles or something like that?

  7. QI also taught me all about poisonous snakes. Do you know those?

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