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It’s difficult to point out what the absolute worst argument is from believers. They are so many choices. But at least one of the worst has got to be when they attempt to dispute that the burden of proof lies with them, not atheists or agnostics or anyone else not making the positive claim. Granted, most theists just ignore this argument rather than engage it, but every so often I see someone attempt to refute it.

And then I chuckle. With a grain of sadness.

7 Responses

  1. Russel’s Teapot will get you far in life

  2. One of the worst arguments:

    “I just know it in my heart.”

    It usually follows that the declarer has little in his/her brain.

  3. I posted this on my Facebook wall and the FTSOS Facebook page. Two theists immediately disputed it.

  4. I wouldn’t know these theists would I? lol

    This one pertains directly to my current status:

    ‎”A casual stroll through the lunatic asylum shows that faith does not prove anything.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

    My Atheism is due to “lack of evidence.”
    Theism is in spite of “lack of evidence.”

    The burden of proof obviously lies with the positive claim, yet somehow they always try to turn it around and make “without god” due to “lack of evidence” a positive claim. It seems to me that they would rather argue semantics of language, than argue a grand design. It baffles me.

  5. You know what the bigger problem is? Not just in regard to ‘our’ particularly poor at debating religious nutjobs, but also nearly universal among the population at large?

    The average person is well schooled these days on the use of sophist rhetoric. I’ve noticed the crutch is always in play on rightwing radio as well as rightwing christian debates/discussions. Total lack of understanding of real debate strategy or understanding of the basis for the LOGICAL FALLACIES that they rely on. I’m sure Rush Limbaugh is smart enough to know the difference, but I am just as sure that 99 percent of his audience (of which the Venn diagram for religious idiots nearly overlap) have NO CLUE.

    We’ve come to a point in our Idiocracy that a lot of people thing an ad hominem (Not that they could name it as such!!) attack is a clever debating tactic.


  6. Michael Moore is fat so you can’t believe a thing he says. What do I win?


  7. When it comes to Diesm, I agree…no proof can be made at all….. all their isms, dogmas, doctrines are illogical. However Thesist and Atheist are pretty much at an understandble standoff….. theist are saying there must be a god who started it all and atheist like me claim we don’t know who or what or if anything did….we both lack proof….

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