Horrible ‘human’ Lawrence Stowe indicted

EDIT: See the comments for an update on the near-exoneration of Vincent Dammai.

I’ve been thinking about it. When I first wrote about scam-artist Lawrence Stowe, I called him “a horrible human being”. I now regret that. Allowing him the title of “human” is far too generous. Far, far too generous. Just look at what he did:

Stowe told [CBS’s “60 Minutes”] MS patient that he can reverse her disease with his program of herbs and vitamins to boost the immune system, custom vaccines and stem cell injections. Medical experts say it’s nonsense but it’s the same pitch that we secretly recorded again and again as Stowe claimed to reverse cancer, ALS, MS, Parkinson’s disease and more.

He did this sort of thing to desperate person after desperate person. He scammed people out of their life savings, sometimes putting them into debt and convincing them to sell their homes. He promised cures where there are no cures. He ruined the lives of real humans nearly as much as nature herself was in the process of already doing.

As awful as that all is, there is at least some good news on the horizon:

Three men have been arrested for their participation in a scheme to manufacture, distribute and sell to the public stem cells and stem cell procedures that were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), United States Attorney Kenneth Magidson announced today along with Assistant Attorney General Tony West of the Department of Justice’s Civil Division, Special Agent in Charge Patrick J. Holland of the FDA—Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI) and Special Agent in Charge Cory B. Nelson of the FBI.

Francisco Morales, 52, of Brownsville, Texas, was arrested by Customs and Border Protection agents pursuant to a arrest warrant late Dec. 22, 2011. He made his initial appearance the following morning at which time he was ordered held without bond. Alberto Ramon, 48, of Del Rio, Texas, and Vincent Dammai, 40, of Mount Pleasant, S.C., were arrested yesterday. Ramon was arrested as he was about to enter his clinic and has already made his initial appearance in Del Rio, while Dammai was arrested in Florence, S.C., and is expected to make his initial appearance in Charleston, S.C., this morning. Lawrence Stowe, 58, of Dallas, Texas, also charged in relation to this case, is considered a fugitive and a warrant remains outstanding for his arrest. The two indictments in this matter, returned Nov. 9 and 10, 2011, have been unsealed by order of the court.

Given the terrible nature of Stowe, it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that he has already packed up his stuff and moved his operation to another part of the world. Fortunately, the thing with criminals is that they almost always slip up. If he is out of the country, he will return at some point. He can’t hide from his lies and crimes forever.

via SCmom.

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  1. My grandfather has Parkinsons! I didn’t realize we could cure it just some black elderberries and pixie dust! Thanks Mr. Stowe, I am going to go get some pixie dust this afternoon!

    What a swell guy.

    Four words for him: “Soap On A Rope”

  2. As with all things if you have not read and tried these alternate methods do not make such foolish comments. They have made huge changes to my health, while i have learned to avoid the modern day crap pushed by big business. Do you get kick backs to support this foolishness?

  3. Yes, Alsad. Your other comment is visible and so is this one. Vincent Dammai got caught up in some bullshit and was, for the most part, exonerated. As is common in these things, when an innocent individual is charged by corrupt and/or arrogant officials, they (the officials) seek to save as much face as possible without having to go to trial and lose. With Vincent, the major charges were dropped in favor of a nothing-misdemeanor that resulted in a small fine.

  4. I fully agree about the corrupt officials. Quite a story Dammai’s website details about FBI, FDA and DOJ…..and that SC politician Stephen Goldfinch. It clearly shows that our justice system is totally broken and in a third world status with no rule of law. Well….do you want to post an update to Dammai’s and others’ outcome at the beginning of this post so that information is available to public. Good site yours.

  5. I made an edit to the top of this post to see these comments.

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