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I normally stay away from dumb entertainment news, but this is one of those things that actually gives me pleasure: Katy Perry and Russell Brand are divorcing. I don’t like to find pleasure in the misery of others, but I feel that Brand’s shitty, annoying comedy and awful, unbearable accent justify my glee, at least just a little.

Now Carlos Mencia needs to never be hired for any job ever again and I’ll be happy as can be.

14 Responses

  1. Racist. Carlos is just doing the jokes that white people can’t be bothered to do.

  2. Mencia, aka Ned Holness, likes to do* Mexican jokes. He is Honduran. And I think German. He is not Mexican.

    *What I mean is steal. He likes to steal his jokes. He’s the Jack Hudson of the comedy world.

  3. Who are those two people? Never mind -I don’t want to know. Mencia is just a grade d comedian who is fading away as he should. Mentioning him keeps him from obscurity.

  4. How dare you mention his heritage. You racist. He is only being the races that white people can’t be bothered to be.

  5. Methinks someone has a sore spot about being called racist so often. Perhaps you should try having fewer racist thoughts coupled with racist policies.

  6. Michael, it is built into Libertarianism. Part of the initiation to string up a minority and throw rocks.

  7. Methinks that if once in a while there was some actual substance behind allegations of racism, that racism wouldn’t have now become a joke. Thanks to people like you and Bob, actual allegations of racism are hard to find among all the chaff you kick up.

    As opposed to liberalism Bob? Where in order to be a real liberal you have to favor policies that put merits to the side in favor of making sure there are enough black people in the company picture.

    And stringing up anyone person that has a substantive disagreement and throwing allegations of racism at them.

    But after all, I doubt you would really define me as racist Michael, as uncaring about race as I am. So you have, even here, confirmed my pretense that the charge of racism has become little more than a joke, probably harming more people than its helped.

  8. 1. You can’t recognize a joke.
    2. You have no clue on what progressive liberalism is.

  9. 1. I certainly can recognize Michaels mother.
    2. You have no clue what libertarianism is. Your endless and increasingly inaccurate caricatures show this quite clearly. It’s not even effective rhetoric anymore.
    3. New Years is a dumb holiday.

  10. You know what political party in America is racist? None of them! I think it’s wonderful that Americans of all nations and creeds can come together and hate Carlos Mencia.

  11. No, no, no. Republicans even wear racist socks. Democrats, under their pointy white sheets, are the very embodiment of acceptance and compassion. Like Robert Byrd.

  12. Racism exists all around us – an in abundance. The fact that you’re willing to dismiss that, Nate, is indicative of your flawed perspective. You are unaware of the plight of minorities. I don’t profess to understand every single thing they encounter, but I have not maintained a sustained ignorance about the matter.

    Go apply to 20 different businesses two times each. Have each application reflect roughly the same qualifications. Now on one application put your name as “Nate”. On the other application put it as “Tyrone”. See which one of you gets called back more often.

    But no! That can’t be racism! Why? Well, cause, uh. It just isn’t!

    I agree that affirmative action is often used incorrectly and to the unfair detriment of other races, however, it is undeniable that black people (and other minorities) are disproportionately denied employment. The last time I heard, the unemployment rate for blacks was anywhere from 15-20%. It may be a bit lower now, but it still remains significantly higher than white unemployment. Are black people just lazy, Nate? Or maybe there is an actual course of discrimination people of color face?

    As far as your argument that Democrats are racist because of their history, need I even point out that being a Democrat 70 years ago meant being from the South? It was the working class party, something highly favored in Southern states at the time. Just as racism was. And, gasp!, just as it is today. Now remind me, which party holds power there?

  13. Of course racism exists, I’ve never said otherwise. But as Tom Sowell has continuously pointed out, who cares? He doesn’t mean that racism doesn’t exist or that it’s continued presence is a good thing, or something to totally dismiss. What he does mean is it has largely been reduced to the point where the benefits of eliminating it completely are so much lower than the ‘cost’ of doing that, that it’s no longer as important as it has been in the past.

    As far as Nate vs Tyrone, who cares? That doesn’t equal racism by any means. It could and there are studies showing that names do affect hiring, but there isn’t a complete picture. Where is the study showing how minority owned businesses hire in comparison? Where are studies telling us how managers who have names like Tyrone hire? Does Tyrone hire more Shaniquas than Mary’s? You can’t jump to a conclusion with incomplete data

    When it comes to the black unemployment rate, this too likely has nothing to do with racism. I’m sure it contributes, but without more info we can’t know how much a persons whiteness contributes to the white unemployment rate. You certainly have people being fired because they are white, but the impact is almost surly so small that there is effectively no impact.

    With higher concentrations of blacks in cities and higher concentrations of whites outside of them, higher unemployment in cities and lower outside, this almost certainly plays a bigger role than skin color. The black unemployment rate in rural areas is higher, but not much so, than white in the same areas.

    Lastly, no you needn’t point that out, but northern Democrats have much the same history as their southern counterparts. Also have a look at California when it comes to hate crime, hardly a southern state and mostly liberal, yet it account for the lions share of hate crimes. Is it possible that environment and regional racial sub-cultures play a role? I would say so.

    The Republicans today are no more yesterdays Democrats than today’s Democrats are yesterdays Republicans. Party platforms have remained pretty well focused on the same ideas. So either the parties switched everything but racism, or it has died out in large part.

    I know blacks and other minorities are over represented in unemployment statistics, but it does not follow that the racial component must be a large one.

    You were just rambling on about improper language usage diluting everything, for whatever reason you don’t seem to extend that to charges of racism, which are fast trending to being ignored even in legit cases.

  14. As far as Nate vs Tyrone, who cares? That doesn’t equal racism by any means.

    This is patently stupid. Of course it equals racism. One name is considered “white” whereas the other is “black”. That is the basis and you know it. Even if people don’t realize they are discriminating on that basis, they are. If they weren’t, they would call back applicants in equal proportion. The fact that you think you have countered this in the bit by citing that black people can also be racist is moronic.

    Your argument on unemployment is just as moronic as your last point. That white people face discrimination (how hard it is to be white, though, amirite?) does not address a single bit of my point. I would say you’re grasping here, but I imagine that’s hard to do with all your flailing.

    Yes, there is racism in California. It has the largest population in the nation and prosecutes hate crimes more than just about anyone else. The South is still the hot bed of racism.

    The problem here is that people like you are willing to say racism exists, but you’re never willing to admit any examples. It’s so convenient. Thanks for proving my point from a previous post more than I even expected.

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