Please run again, Eliot Cutler

Because the guy we’ve got now is a dolt:

Needed: Maryland practitioner for SLAPP suit

I don’t suspect that too many lawyers read my blog, but empathetic decency compels me to repeat a post from Ken at Popehat:

The issue is whether a plaintiff in a SLAPP suit against another party in Montgomery County, Maryland can convince a court to force Google to reveal the blogger’s identity. The blogger will write the papers; he’s just looking for someone to review them, advise on compliance with Maryland civil procedure and strategy, and make an appearance at the hearing (if there is one) in Montgomery County to argue the motion. The blogger can cover costs, but can’t afford fees.

The cause, in my opinion, is just; the issue presented is blogger anonymity, and the underlying suit against the third party is a contemptible SLAPP. Moreover, the plaintiff has a rather remarkable history of evil.

If you can help — or know someone who can — please let me know. Time is rather of the essence.

Thank you.

And, no, I do not have any inside info on any of this.