Thought of the day

From 2004-2008 I had a lot of friends who went to the University of New England. Whereas that school was much more of a party school than my commuter school (where the average age is an ancient 35), I would venture down to Biddeford most weekends. I would see a bunch of friends, most of whom I knew exclusively as a result of my frequent visits, and it always a good time. But despite all these people I had met, there would inevitably be a number of individuals walking through the front door whom I had never seen. After awhile, this was the response I developed:

There he is! That’s the guy! How about that? I tell you. Man. This guy!

For anyone who wishes to see people with really confused – sometimes uncomfortable – looks on their face, I highly recommend this route.

Law blog awards

The ABA Journal gives out law blog – or as the hip kids are saying, “blawg” – awards each year. One of the categories features, a site I have had in the blogroll for some months now. It’s a damn fine site and I’m happy to see it up for nomination in the Opinion category; it deserves some recognition. So your task, my dear readers, is to go and recognize it. Go on. Do it.

(I realize there is an annoying sign-up process before voting, but it’s a matter of filling in a few boxes. It doesn’t even make you confirm your account via email. So go vote.)

Final total lunar eclipse until 2014

The final total lunar eclipse for the next three years is set to take place this Saturday morning. It apparently will be pretty awesome for those on the west coast of the U.S., showing off some purdy deep reds, but I’m sure it won’t be disappointing on the east coast either.

It is scheduled to start at 1:45am EST and continue for a couple of hours. By 3:05am, the moon should be completely engulfed by Earth’s shadow.

This one took me a second