Zach Wahls makes a hell of a speech

This video has been making the rounds amongst those who don’t hate gays. I should have thrown it up here earlier:

I would normally add a bunch of commentary, but I think he pretty much nailed it.

First Cause proponents won’t get this

Since people who think the First Cause argument holds a lick of validity are obviously people who don’t understand really basic physics, I don’t think they will appreciate this. Everyone else, though, enjoy:

Thought of the day

I can’t believe Carlos Mencia, aka Ned Holness, aka joke stealer extraordinaire, keeps getting specials on Comedy Central. The guy isn’t funny at all. Not at all. He doesn’t deserve a single bit of the success he has ever had. And I don’t just mean his success in the comedy world. If he has ever won his dollar back on a scratch-off ticket or if he has ever found the best non-handicap parking space at Wal-Mart or if he has not been punched straight in his stupid face, he hasn’t deserved it. He is an utter failure of a human being and the world would be a better place without him.