First Cause proponents won’t get this

Since people who think the First Cause argument holds a lick of validity are obviously people who don’t understand really basic physics, I don’t think they will appreciate this. Everyone else, though, enjoy:

The first cause argument

I hate a lot of arguments for God. There isn’t a single good one. Not one. But the one I hate the most is the first cause argument. It runs smack into the face of science. Here’s why.

For something to be caused, a force must be exerted. Force is measured as mass x acceleration, F=ma. Acceleration is measured as the change in velocity of an object over time. Got it? Good. Now let’s look at this terrible argument from believers.

They say God is eternal. He exists outside time. Okay, let’s go with that. That means they believe he caused the Universe to exist from somewhere outside it. But do you see the problem? They already said he is outside time. As we just learned, something which is caused has a force placed on it. Something which has a force placed on it has mass and acceleration. Something which has acceleration has gone through time. Without any time, God cannot cause anything.

Science tells us, quite clearly, what is involved in causation – most importantly of which for my point is time. Yet in the premise of the believer’s argument is the explicit exclusion of time. They’ve defeated themselves. Any honest believer should immediately abandon this line of argument.