Thought of the day

“Life can be a challenge, life can seem impossible, but it’s never easy when there’s so much sexual harassment plaguing your presidential campaign.” ~Herman Cain

Bad news on the vaccine front

It looks like vaccine rates are trending downwards in the US:

More parents are opting out of school shots for their kids. In eight states now, more than 1 in 20 public school kindergartners aren’t getting all the vaccines required for attendance, an Associated Press analysis found.

That growing trend among parents seeking vaccine exemptions has health officials worried about outbreaks of diseases that once were all but stamped out.

If this trend continues and gets bad enough, people will begin to die. We’ve already seen that in England as well as throughout pockets in the US. It happens. Really, you anti-vax nuts. It god damn happens.

Some states are worse than others, Alaska being the biggest offender at a 9% exemption rate. Here is my prediction: We will see increased deaths over time in parts of Alaska, and likely even more deaths in more densely populated areas with high rates, such as Colorado (7%). Places like Mississippi, where the exemption rate is basically 0%, will continue to be healthy in regard to these preventable diseases of the past.

And why are people making these bad decisions? Well:

Exemption seekers are often middle-class, college-educated white people, but there are often a mix of views and philosophies. Exemption hot spots like Sedona, Ariz., and rural northeast Washington have concentrations of both alternative medicine-preferring as well as government-fearing libertarians.

If these people were science-preferring and woo-fearing instead, we wouldn’t be heading toward this guaranteed problem.

More reason to respect Jon Huntsman

It seems like this is the only guy in the Republican field with any common sense:

The conservative news magazine Newsmax announced Friday that it would co-sponsor a Republican presidential debate moderated by media personality and real estate tycoon Donald Trump on Dec. 27th in Des Moines, Ia., but they may have trouble convincing candidates to show up.

Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman is the first to send his regrets.

“We look forward to watching Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich suck up to Trump with a big bowl of popcorn,” Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller told Yahoo News.

It is beyond me why so many of these candidates have taken the time to meet with Trump. He’s a doofus with nothing to add to anything. He knows less about taxes and foreign policy than Herman Cain, he isn’t the least bit intelligent, and every show he has ever done has been shitty. But maybe that’s it. Maybe it’s his ignorance, his stupidity, and his inability to entertain that draws so many Republicans to him. After all, who do Republicans like? People like Bush and (until the recent news about how he uses his wiener) Cain – stupid and/or ignorant people. People like Steve Doocy and that guy on Fox & Friends who isn’t Steve Doocy – people who can’t entertain. Maybe it all does make sense.