Watch out for this guy

Bobby Jindal is currently the governor of Louisiana. There’s been quite a bit of talk about him making a run for the presidency in 2012. Aside from being a Republican and thus inherently wrong a vast majority of the time, he is also known to support creationism. He has come out in support of intelligent design. Worse yet, he’s anti-science when it comes to just about everything else that contradicts his distorted view of reality.

Gov. Bobby Jindal attracted national attention and strongly worded advice about how he should deal with the Louisiana Science Education Act.

Jindal ignored those calling for a veto and this week signed the law that will allow local school boards to approve supplemental materials for public school science classes as they discuss evolution, cloning and global warming.

Political observers said Jindal’s signature will please one of his key local constituencies: conservative Protestants in north Louisiana.

Doesn’t it seem strange that the bill focuses on a few issues with which conservatives object? Actually, no. It isn’t strange at all. This is a man that is willing to sacrifice quality science education for his own selfish political ambitions. He signed a bill which undermines education in biology and on the climate, among other issues. He hates science. He loves getting backward-thinking hick votes.

Think of Sarah Palin with a funny name and a penis.