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Christian Science is basically the belief that healing can be better had through really, really believing in God and praying to him rather than through all that crazy stuff they call “real medicine”. People who believe this hogwash aren’t as bad as those cults which entirely reject modern medicine all the way down to aspirin (which is actually emitted by some plants when under stress), but nevertheless, they are rather repugnant. A man by the name Seth Johnson recently wrote a letter to the editor (Kennebec Journal) explaining how his hooey actually does work! Like magic!

The article, “Child Deaths Test Faith-Healing Exemption” that appeared in the Nov. 19 Kennebec Journal and Waterville Sentinel was triggered by tragic events. I’d like to point out that Christian Science is not related to the faith-healing groups mentioned.

Maine law does and should require parents to provide proper health care for their children, but it does not require that care be medical. Accommodations in the law are not intended to defend the abuse or neglect of a child, but are intended to allow for the reasonable and responsible practice of one’s religion, such as Christian Science, through prayer and spiritual treatment.

Christian Science parents are caring, loving and responsible with their children and practice their religion with their family’s health and well-being as their first priority. My family practices Christian Science because it works, and my children’s health is of utmost importance.

Seth C. Johnson
Christian Science Committee on Publication Falmouth

Okay, well, he didn’t actually explain how it works, he simply asserted that it does. Of course, this is a word-limited letter, so perhaps it is unfair to expect a decent explanation. Fortunately, this is the Internet.

Christian Scientists believe that sickness is the result of fear, ignorance, or sin, and that when the erroneous belief is corrected, the sickness will disappear.


They consider that suffering can occur only when one believes (consciously or unconsciously) in the supposed reality of a problem; if one changes one’s understanding, the belief is revealed as false, and the acknowledgement that the sickness has no power, since God is the only power, eliminates the sickness.

Ah, I see. More verbose magic.

Seth Johnson, you hold hack beliefs. There is nothing healing about your particular god; there is no substance to your belief that sickness can go away if you close your eyes really, really hard and pray. Your children may as well have no health insurance – at least until you actually excercise that coverage and go to a real doctor.

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  1. I AM A Black Christian Scientist since the age of ll years now living in Nigeria After coming Back to my African Roots 30 years ago and I want to tell you that Christian Science has been my doctor and has never failed me. I have been healed of malaria which the doctor said I was dying from and after being forced to take their medicine with no effect was sent home to die. I prayed like this. God is the only power. Disease is an illusion, powerless to control anyone when we acknowledge that God has made everything GOOD for us and maintains us in perfect health,etc. So I dismissed malaria as having no power over me since as a child of God I can not be sick because God is not sick,God is A Spirit and I as His likeness are in reality Spiritual and free of any so-called disease. I was healed and continue to be healed, have prayed for my children thru out their 30 years of growing up here and they too have been healed for Jesus showed us that if you believe that God can heal you you will be healed! Millions of Christian Scientists all over the world have used only prayer as their medicine and we have been healed of all our diseases and problems so don’t dismiss the power of GOD to heal!

  2. Hi, my name is Tim Booth.

    I am a Christian Scientist living in Elsah, Illinois. In support of Seth Johnson, I have known him for many years and can attest to the fact that he and his wife are dedicated and loving parents who care deeply about the health and well-being of their children. They, like many students of Christian Science all over the world, have applied the principles of Christian Science successfully to the health care of themselves and their children.

    To be fair to the the medical field, my son (who is now an adult) was born surgically in a hospital. My wife and I were very grateful for the help of the doctors and nurses who delivered him. That said, I have grown to trust prayer, as it is taught in Christian Science, for my health and the health of my family.

    I have experienced and witnessed many healings through prayer, indluding accidents, disease, financial problems, and relationship problems. Some of these healings could not have occurred medically — medical staff had given up on them. One remarkable benefit of a Christian Science healing is that it regererates morally as well as physically.

    Christian Science was discovered by Mary Baker Eddy in the late nineteenth century and is based on the Bible, particularly the words and works of Christ Jesus. There is no connection between Christian Science and Scientology or denominations that practice faith healing.

    Christian Science teaches a form of prayer that acknowledges God as all-powerful, loving, and spiritual. Man, created spiritually by God, is perfect and immortal. Christian Science heals because it reasons from this premise and denies the influence of any fearful, diseased, or morbid power, which is opposed to the fact of God’s existance and to His spiritual creation, man.

    A thorough explanation of Christian Science and its
    healing method is presented in the Christian Science textbook, SCIENCE AND HEALTH WITH KEY TO THE SCRIPTURES, by Mary Baker Eddy. Christian Scientists consider the Bible and the Christian Science textbook their impersonal pastor, with which they study and commune daily.

    When people grow to trust and rely on something that has been effective when tested, they are not “hacks” or “crazy.” They are reasonable, sane, and logical.

    Anyone reading this may feel free to contact me:


  3. Appreciate this opportunity to speak up for the healing power of Christian Science. Since I have been a follower of this religion since 4 years old when my mother was dramatically healed through reading and thinking about the truths in “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” by Mary Baker Eddy, have had so many proofs of God’s restorative power, would take hours to share.

    Let me share one that will always stand out to me: I was in the first grade, and one day was playing on a swing set in our backyard. I slid down a pole, right onto an unsealed, razor-sharp tin can. The cut went almost through to the top of my foot. A neighbor behind us ran into the house, got my father, who came out and carried me into the house. Both I and my mother wanted to call a Christian Science practitioner for help. However, she did ask my father for permission as he was not then practicing CS. He agreed. The bleeding stopped almost at once my mother said, just after this wonderful practitioner began praying for me. No medical attention was given, not one stitch inserted. The foot was washed and wrapped in clean cloth. Believe it or not (and it was my foot after all!) I could put some weight on that foot the very next day, and within 3 days was back in school walking about normally. Is it any wonder I feel such gratitude to God for this healing method discovered and presented to the world by Mrs. Eddy? I want anyone reading this to know that immediately after the practitioner was called, I felt such peace. Can almost feel it today. I felt so wrapped up in God’s love, so cared for, had no fear whatsoever. What is this worth to a child, and her parents?

  4. 1) Blood clots.
    2) You have very irresponsible parents. It’s a good thing they aren’t consistent and don’t believe praying is more effective than washing and wrapping a wound.

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