Troopergate resolved

Asshole trooper Michael Galluccio‘s ticket to a man trying to get his pregnant wife to the hospital has been tossed out. Of course, someone had to keep internalizing the rules.

Even after John Davis appealed the $100 ticket and a Cambridge clerk magistrate tossed it out, the department refused to give up. A lawyer for the State Police challenged the clerk magistrate’s decision and appealed late last month to restore the ticket. A hearing was scheduled before a Cambridge District Court judge March 18.

Davis’s attorney, David Lucas, said that in a dozen years, he’d never seen the State Police appeal a traffic ticket. He couldn’t quite believe the department’s prosecutor was going to pursue one against a woman in labor.

“When I asked, ‘Are you sure the State Police want to be on record as appealing this?’ what he said was, “I just wouldn’t have any credibility if I did not appeal this,’ ” Lucas said.

Right, well, the law is black and white. Just like reality. There are no shades of gray in life. If the State Police want any credibility they need to internalize rules. It makes sense. It’s basically their job to forgo reasoning for the sake of snap judgements based upon internalization. It works a lot of the time because that internalization happens to coincide with actual reasoning, but it’s still a huge fallacy. So it comes as no surprise that the police didn’t drop the appeal based upon any worthwhile reason.

But within an hour and a half of being contacted by the Globe, the State Police dropped the case. State Police Colonel Mark F. Delaney “immediately ordered it to be rescinded,” Procopio said.

The media was ready to pounce on this. That’s the only ‘reason’ the appeal was dropped. It was PR, pure and simple. The police don’t care that none of asshole trooper Michael Galluccio’s actions made any sense. It’s that they didn’t want a big PR flap over a $100 ticket.

He also said state troopers are expected to make judgment calls all the time. “We understand that there may be a backlash to that,” said Procopio. “That goes with the territory, and we understand that. That said, we make the calls based on public safety and the interest of justice – and not public opinion.”

And now the department spokesman is lying. He’s a fucking liar. There’s really no sugar-coating this one. The department makes a move that is blatantly motivated by public opinion and then goes on to say that the police simply do not do that. Rescinding the appeal after discovering the Globe is doing a follow-up? Nah, they just filled out the wrong form, said the wrong words, and slipped up with the wrong intentions. All an honest mistake.

Fuck these people.

5 Responses

  1. Your comments about intenalization are dead on. It’s what makes “zero-tolerance” rules in schools so nonsensical and Grover Norquist’s obsession with tax cuts as the solution to every problem so crazy.

  2. I was pulled over by state trooper, Michael A Galluccio, for what he says that I went through a stop sign, guess what I stopped at the stop sign, if there was not a truck blocking your sight you might have seen me stop, so you deside to be a wize guy with your blue lights and your fancy uniform I told you when you came up to my window that I stopped at the stop sign! You said nuthing! Buy come back with a ticket with a different street name on it, hello stupid!!
    I stopped at the stop sign on Lichfield not western avenue, then I ask you if your a new cop and asked if you have to give tickets yo people to meet your quata, you said I got to go, please move so I did, but in court you made up lies, what a f ass hole you are, ypi dont have my respect, you never will, I want the world to know that you are a lieing cop, ever think about being a politishion! They lie like lawyers o wait you were a lawyer, you lied then and you cant stop lieing, you tell the judge that you had to slam on your breaks to avoid a collision, you stateted that this girl ran tge stop sign if she ran the stop sign then why didn’t you pull her over hmmmm lier!!!
    That was my wife dummy, you told her to pass as you slowed down to let her go ahead of you, rember she stopped at the stop sign, we stop at the same stop sign everyday! Stop being a jerk do your job dont bothered the nice people in the world that go out of there way to help other’s in need, be honest ok Michael A Galluccio from sp Brighton

  3. To the state police officer Michael A Galluccio, on
    10/15/2014 at 750 am on Lichfield street in Brighton, I have to ask, why and why did you lie? What I dont understand is why did you stop to let my wife go who was driving the black Honda CRV the deside to be a ball buster and make up a story saying I did not stop when infact I did stop at the stop sign, why why why
    Anser: state police officer Michael A Galluccio, You need to make your quata, and you get off in bussing balls of nice people like me and the guy with the pregnant wife who was in labor, did you ever think about maby you should have called an ambulance abd fallow proticall, and do your job to protect and to serve! Hello have you lost you way! And why did lie under oath and say my wife ran the stop sign and almost made you have a collision, I dont think so!!!

  4. You should not be a cop your a disgrace to the uniform! It’s plain and simple you harass people and do things to them because you have a badge a gun and handcuffs, and a fancy blue suit with big black boots, to me you’re just a punk! You give me a ticket when I stopped at a stop sign, did you ever think it was a truck blocking your site you didn’t open your eyes, no because you like to harass people! I’m a reporter and I’m doing a story on you! you don’t deserve to be a policeman! You lost my respect! You know I stopped and you still give me a ticket! when I asked about your quota you said you had to go, in court you said that I blocked your police car how do I do that? I was talking to you I’m allowed to talk to you I have freedom speech! Remember! Why did you not mention that to the judge huh, because you know you’re wrong and you made up lies in court, most police officers get 5 stars from me you get 0, I’ve never ran into such a jerk in my whole life, I mean really why don’t you do your job, you said the woman in front of you almost caused you to have a collision who ran the stop sign before me, then you made up a nuther lie saying she almost caused you to have a head on collision, you said you had to slam on your breaks remember officer? you wave to Iran to go in front of you being a gentleman that you think you are! if my wife could have taken some time off from work she would have been in court that day! to tell you what a liar you are! she was really mad when she found out what a jerk you are and lied about her! then you say I ran the stop sign! I just dropped my wife off at her work she got in her vehicle in front of me wave goodbye stopped at the stop sign before waving goodbye! I stopped at the stop sign! you wave to on in front of you remember officer? and then she sees me getting pulled over in the rearview mirror! mister nice guy you’re not! you make a lot of money to protect and to serve not to harass and give –
    people tickets for when they did stop somewhere when they really did they did! To me state trooper Michael A Galluccio you loser!!!!### also you are from the brighton branch on Market Street I don’t want to confuse you with another nice policeman that actually does their job, I hope the world sees this I just use my freedom of speech!

  5. As cathartic as I’m sure all this is, Anthony, I think it’s worth noting that even if Officer Galluccio read my original posts on this, it’s unlikely he still frequents this site.

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