Evolution debate ends in compromise

Absolutely not.

For 20 years, Texas science teachers have been required to cover the strengths and weaknesses of Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Two decades later, that rule has been changed. They traded the curriculum for a new set of standards.

Board of Education member Bob Craig said the new curriculum will require students to use critical thinking to discuss, analyze and evaluate the information for yourselves.

Lies. The new ‘standards’ will set science back.

For example, the revised biology standard (7B) reflects two discredited creationist ideas — that “sudden appearance” and “stasis” in the fossil record somehow disprove evolution. The new standard directs students to “analyze and evaluate the sufficiency of scientific explanations concerning any data of sudden appearance, stasis and the sequential nature of groups in the fossil records.” Other new standards include language such as “is thought to” or “proposed transitional fossils” to make evolutionary concepts seem more tentative.

These people are stupid. Straight up stupid. Not politically, of course. They are, naturally, quite coy in that respect – that is the second most notable characteristic of the creationist mind. The most notable, of course, is the ability to simply not understand a single, damn thing about science. These people hate science. It conflicts with the beliefs with which they grew up, so they act like little babies and fail to realize that they are wrong. They assume what they hear of science must be incorrect because it does not fit their fairy tale. It’s rather pathetic, really.

By making these changes, the board of education hopes students will use reasoning and experimental testing to examine all sides of scientific explanations, including evolution.

“You need to have that critical thinking by the student,” Craig said, “and you need to have a free discussion of any scientific explanation.”

The revisions apply to students in kindergarten through 12th grade who take the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TEKS test. However, they focus primarily on high school students.

“Have that free discussion, analyze and evaluate,” Craig said. “Critique those scientific explanations, and encourage critical thinking because that’s what we want to do in all fields.”

Scientists have that free discussion. High school students are not qualified in the least bit to tackle any of the vague, coy-creationist, sneak-attack, trojan, flat-out-fucking-liar terms listed.

“Somebody’s got to stand up to experts!” cries board chair Don McLeroy.

Don McLeroy is the chairman of the Texas State Board of Education. He is also a dentist. Next time 9 out of 10 of his colleagues tell you to do this or that with your teeth, tell them they aren’t allowing you to freely discuss, analyze, or evaluate any of the evidence. Tell them it is YOU that should be critiquing the field of dentistry. Those arrogant experts have been holding down the ignorant layman for far too long, I say!

24 Responses

  1. Oh, you poor little man. :rotfl:

  2. Wow. Now there’s a comment that shows the real mindset behind creationism… condescending, insulting, narrow, and totally missing the point.

  3. What point? Some guy doesn’t like people believing things he doesn’t like. Cry me a river .. :)

  4. Grant is right, Yank. I hate when dentists tell me to floss. Isn’t believing my teeth are healthy and clean good enough?

  5. So .. what? We should listen to what some whining little crybaby on a blog tells us teachers should teach over the opinions of the board of education?

    What was that about listening to professio… Oh .. I get it .. only when the professionals happen to agree with you, right?

  6. It amazes me how many points go over your head. It isn’t simply that we disagree. It’s purely that you do not understand what has been said.

    My point is not that teachers* should listen to me over the opinions of the board of education. That point was never made, never attempted to be made, and can be found nowhere on this blog or in anything else I have ever written. You are a common creationist charlatan for claiming otherwise.

    The point being made is that Don McLeroy shuns the positions (not opinions) of experts because he believes his non-expert dogma trumps fact. Therefore, by his logic it is appropriate to shun the positions of dentists on mouth care as long as one has strong dogma that contradicts all the facts of dentistry.

    *I sincerely hope you have no affiliation with any position that is remotely related to teaching children – or anyone else, for that matter.

  7. :lol:

    Get over it, mate. He’s doing his job, you do yours.

    *Your hopes may one day come true :)

  8. “Get over it, mate. He’s doing his job, you do yours.”

    The Texas State Board of Education website says:

    By adopting policies and setting standards for educational programs, the Board provides the direction necessary to enable Texas public schools to prepare today’s schoolchildren for a successful future.

    By substituting his uninformed opinion and creationist fairy tales for science, McLeroy is obviously NOT doing his job as a board member and certainly not a chairman.

  9. Oh .. so he needs to agree with you in order to do his job?

    He adopted a policy and set a standard. If you don’t like it do it yourself.

    Either that or get over it, already.

  10. Oh .. so he needs to agree with you in order to do his job?

    Nope. I never said he had to agree with me. That’s one difference between people who believe in evidence and science and people who believe in creationist fairy tales. I’m not applying a bizarre litmus test of his values. I only require that he do his job.

    The Board of Ed’s website gives us a pretty clear sense of what the guy’s job is supposed to be, and he’s obviously not doing it.

    He adopted a policy and set a standard…
    Oh yes, I suppose he did set a “standard”… but hardly one that enables “Texas public schools to prepare today’s schoolchildren for a successful future”… unless, of course, you take “the future” to mean the 19th century.

    But that’s what creationists want isn’t it? To move aggressively ahead to the “good old days” when all of the answers to life’s questions were handed down by narrow-minded moralists and they never had to encounter an original idea or face a problem that didn’t have a simplistic answer.

    If you don’t like it do it yourself. Either that or get over it, already.
    Wow, what an original response. I guess you don’t complain about the President then? I mean, since you obviously aren’t doing his job, you don’t feel like you have any room to complain, right? I guess you’ve gotten over all of your disagreements with public officials and never complain about lousy service at the McDonald’s drive-thru and such? Or maybe you’re more of a “do as I say and not as i do” kind of person?

    What a dumb, immature comment, Str1pe. Obviously you don’t have anything substantial to say and you have resorted to the rhetoric of “I’m rubber and you’re glue…”

    I’ve got news for you, Str1pe. The world is always changing. You’re in for all kinds of defeats of your small-minded world view. Feel free to catch up, or maybe you should take your own advice and “get over it already.”

  11. :shrug: If I were an American citizen I probably would be justified in levelling my complaints at the president. I’m probably justified regardless. But the fact remains that you are levelling a complaint against the rightly appointed official who has acted within his jurisdiction all because you do not agree with his actions. Your opinion of what he should have done does not justify your ranting. It just makes you look silly.

  12. Ah, the infuriating ‘mind’ of the creationist.

    “I agree with your insinuation that I am justified in making complaints and comments. However, you are silly when you do the exact same thing.”

    Do you have any substance, Stripe? Do you believe any elected official should be able to make any decision he or she pleases without question from the public?

    Let me help you out.

    No, you do not believe that. The above example to which you acquiesced indicates you do not. It would be absurd to claim that a declaration of war by a nation should go unquestioned by its people, but if we’re to apply your Don McLeroy argument to that parallel situation, you believe that anything any leadership says should go, therefore no citizenry should ever question a call to war. Perhaps you should visit my post on rule internalization.

  13. I’m not doing, and haven’t done, exactly the same thing! If I were to complain against the actions of an official it would be on moral grounds.

    Of course you’re allowed to complain when it’s not a moral issue. But without the support from evidence of wrong-doing or incompetence all you got is your opinion (which don’t count) against his (which does).

    A guy questioning evolutions place in the education system has exactly nothing in common with a leader taking his nation into battle on false pretences.

    Perhaps you should visit a post on accuracy and relevance.

  14. So politicians shouldn’t consult their constituents?

  15. Hah .. there shouldn’t BE any politicians …

    I’m sure we can agree on that. :)

  16. This is more than a guy questioning evolution’s place in the education system. This is a guy who wants to supplant science and evidence with fairy tales.

    Again, go back to my first comment. I am clearly saying that this guy is not doing his job, which includes “enabl[ing]Texas public schools to prepare today’s schoolchildren for a successful future” when he attempts to remove science from the classroom.

    I don’t care whether he believes in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The point is, he is notdoing his job.

  17. Cry us a river, Yank. Since when does everybody have to believe that evolution is the only possibility?

  18. “Cry us a river”

    Yep… that’s seems to be about the best we can expect from you, Str1pe. You’ve got nothing meaningful to say, so you resort to childish retorts like that.

    I don’t really care what you believe, Str1pe, but what does matter is that McLeroy is trying to supplant science education with fantasy. His actions directly contradict the stated purpose of the Board of Ed.

  19. … according to you. Since when do we have to run every decision past your all-knowing sense of right and wrong?

  20. Christ on a stick.

  21. Oh my god, Stripe. You really are that stupid aren’t you?

  22. I’m stupid because I don’t agree with you? I’m stupid because I think this dentist did the job he was elected to do? Why am I stupid?

    Because I reject evolutionary theory?

  23. I’m stupid because I think this dentist did the job he was elected to do?

    Yes. He did not do his secular, education-based job. He instead performed his duties as a cult member with interest only in dogma.

    Because I reject evolutionary theory?

    I prefer the term “ignorance” here. Go read some Jerry Coyne for a great introduction to all the evidence you’ve been ignoring.

  24. Well, if he didn’t do his job I’m sure he’ll be fired soon enough. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that piece of news … :|

    In the meantime .. you’re crying and wailing as if this is the greatest crime ever perpetrated.

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