The Ostrich Strategy

Apologist after apologist will claim that there is evidence for God. Ya know, if you want to find it. The reasoning for this claim is that those who have found clearly must have wanted it, otherwise they wouldn’t have found it. It’s sort of like how when you find 5 bucks on the ground. You must have wanted to for it, otherwise you would have looked right over it. In the wacky worldview of the religious, scientists don’t want to find 5 bucks.

Of course, it’s all hogwash. There are plenty of ways for science to verify or deny certain claims made by religions. Does faith healing work or is it all a load of horseshit? It isn’t too uncommon a tactic at this point for the religious to use The Ostrich Strategy (TOS). This is where they bury their heads in the sand* and ignore all the evidence against their anti-evidence faith. Jerry Coyne sums it up nicely.

Oh dear dear dear. Russell, I, and others have addressed the idea of science and the supernatural many times before (see here, here, and here, for example), dispelling the soothing idea that “science has nothing to say about the supernatural.” That is, of course, hogwash. Science has plenty to say about the Shroud of Turin, whether faith healing works, whether prayer works, whether God seems to be both beneficent and omnipotent, world without end. Science can, as we’ve repeated endlessly, address specific claims about the supernatural, though it’s impotent before the idea that behind it all is a hands-off, deistic Transcendent Force.

People who deny these facts always engage in TOS. You may say this makes them all a bunch of TOSSERS.

*Ostriches don’t actually do this. At least they don’t do it for reasons that merit the meaning of the phrase “head in the sand”. They do turn their eggs by putting their heads in the sand/ground, but they do not do it to avoid danger or ignore what they don’t like. That may well be a bad survival strategy. Though it is cute when dogs do it under the coffee table.


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