Thought of the day

There was a man walking along a cliff. He walked too near the edge and a rock gave way. As he began to tumble toward his death in the chasm below, he grabbed hold of a branch. This man had never been a believer in God, but finding himself in such precarious circumstances he began to yell out. “God! Dear God! Are you out there? Can you not help me?”

And then God responded. “Yes, my child, I am here.”

“Will you help me, my Lord?”

“Yes. Be free and let go of that branch.”

And the man paused. He looked down at what would be certain death. His eyes began to scan the edges of the cliff.

“Is there anybody else out there?”


One Response

  1. this was grand. And quite random, but totally applicable to my current investigation of letting go. Thank you for this, it hit the spot!

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