Same-sex marriage ruled constitutional in Mexico City

One of the things many founding documents and fledgling governments have done is enshrine rights as broad principles, open to slow, steady interpretation. This allows for the biases and prejudices of the majority to be counteracted with a rational basis. This has been a great source of achievement for civil rights because it offers a method to come to a greater internal consistency based upon liberty rather than the capriciousness of the morals of the day. The Mexican Supreme Court is a testament to that fact.

The Mexican Supreme Court has ruled, 8-2, that same-sex marriage in Mexico City is constitutional, dismissing arguments that it violated guarantees to protect the family.

Because same-sex marriage protects families.

3 Responses

  1. I keep saying that allowing same-sex marriage harms no one but disallowing it robs some people of their freedom. It is therefore not moral to disallow it.

  2. What strides they are making while their country is facing insurrection worthy of Afghanistan.

  3. I feel like I should have gone further with this. Any strides forward (assuming it is one) they make in Mexico are in pointless unless they get their domestic violence under control.

    Gay marriage and freedoms could be erased overnight should the government fall. We could easily have a dictatorship on our southern border in the time it takes to read the morning paper.

    Again assuming this is a good thing its a chandelier in a haunted house right now.

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