The only interesting thing about Rod Blagojevich is that he was found guilty on one charge: lying to the FBI. Gee, what could have entirely prevented that conviction from happening?

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  1. I’m sorry, you aren’t trying to say this guy did nothing wrong I hope. He’s an atypical Chicago scumbag, a trait which transcends party affiliation and only affects more democrats because….. well there are more democrats in Chicago.

    Yes he couldn’t have lied if he hadn’t spoken to them. He also could have just…. told the truth? Not perjured himself?

    In the retrial we’ll see how many of the remaining 23 charges he is found guilty of.

  2. 11 of the 12 people on the jury wanted to convict him on most of the other charges. One juror stood in the way and other jurors said that one would not be persuaded by the evidence.

  3. I’m sorry, you aren’t trying to say this guy did nothing wrong I hope.

    Nice try at being difficult, but pointing out one facet of this case where anyone who was familiar with the laws and their constitutional rights would have avoided this charge, easily, BY NOT LYING, doesn’t mean that Mr. Hawkins was trying to defend Mr. Blagojevich.

    I know you post here in attempts at getting the goats of us lefties, but really, try and keep up, wouldja?

  4. I was only asking if that was his intention. Michael is pretty level headed so I don’t really think that’s what he was doing.

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