New poll on race for Maine governor

A new poll is out on the race for Maine governor.

The Maine Poll, conducted for MaineToday Media by Critical Insights, had 30 percent of likely voters supporting Mitchell, compared to LePage at 29 percent. This represents a significant change in a race where LePage has consistently led polls by 12 or more percentage points. In Critical Insights’ last poll, released Sept. 19, LePage had 38 percent voter support and Mitchell had 25 percent.

The 405 registered voters, all of whom said they were likely to vote in November, were surveyed on Monday. The poll has a margin of error of 4.9 percent at the 95 percent confidence level. That means that if the poll were repeated 100 times, in 95 cases the results would be within 4 percentage points of those reported.

Perhaps voters are starting to realize that – aside from his horrible ideas of teaching creationism and giving away college degrees to high school students – Maine probably doesn’t want the Rage of LePage at the helm.

This isn’t California or Florida. Maine prefers rational candidates.

5 Responses

  1. Oh come on….do you really believe LePage knows just what the term “Creationism” means?

    He’s sure no politician, is he? I almost feel sorry for him. Those photos make him look like a wounded gargoyle.

    (I really like Marden’s, though…)

  2. Oops. Guess I have to do this manually…

  3. One poll, lets see what the next PPP poll shows. They are due for another sampling.

  4. New news the Maine center for public opinion will be releasing a poll soon that continues for more than one day. Which is common practice.

  5. No doubt LePage is an arse, but these video examples of his behaviour are terrible. I see nothing wrong with them.

    In the first one he’s VERY slightly angered that a journalist keeps focusing on his wife, who should be completely irrelevant to his campaign.
    Then in the next one we’re supposed to be shocked that the man says the apparently horrible word “bullshit”. Seriously, is that what you want to judge candidates on? That’s not rational.
    The last one is just him telling Obama to go to hell, which would be fairly okay if he backed it up with a reason, which I’m sure he doesn’t, but we don’t get to see that.

    None of those videos would make me think any worse of the man if I didn’t already dislike him.

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