Six year old boy debunks ID

There’s a wonderful post over at Atheist Nexus about a father teaching his son the facts of life as well as a few creation myths. It’s a good example of how necessary it is to tell kids all the basics in science (and especially biology) at a young age. Give them the facts first and they tend to laugh when they’re told all the silly things (young and old Earth) creationists believe.

I had been spending so much time teaching him about evolution by natural selection that I forgot to tell him the lie he would be confronted with someday. Just a few weeks ago I had asked him what evolution was. He responded by saying, “It’s a gradual change in species that happens slowly over really long periods of time.” I couldn’t hope for a better answer from him. Talk about a proud poppa moment; almost made me cry.

I decided that it was time that he heard the creation story that I grew up with. I hopped on the internet and googled “childrens creation story.” In .2 seconds I was greeted with 2,230,000 results to choose from. I chose the top one from As soon as I got to “Let there be light,” he started giggling. By the time I got to the morning of the third day he was laughing quite a bit.

I read on, “So, he put all the water in one place and all the dry land in another.” He stopped laughing instantly so I asked him, “What?”

“Why do we have to save water then? Wouldn’t God make enough for everybody?” he asked. I smiled and nodded just a bit before reading on.

After I finished reading about the third day he was beginning to catch on. “So God made everything?” he asked.

“Well that’s what some people believe,” I stated, “but I don’t think so.” This sent him into hysterics.

“He made South America!” I wasn’t sure why this was so funny to him but he continued to laugh and list the things that God had “made.” Squirrels, Dr. Seuss, and cat butts had him laughing especially hard. “Doesn’t he have any brains? Cause he made some weird stuff in this world.” A six year old debunks Intelligent Design with a simple observational idea that ID proponents can’t even grasp. That had me chuckling for a moment before I read on.

When I told him about the creation of the sun on the fourth day he became serious again. He wrinkled up one eye and stated matter-of-factly, “Light has to be from the sun.” And I thought I was the only one in the room that would have a problem with light being created three days before the sun. My six year old was quickly demonstrating that he was a better critical thinker than people who believe the creation story.

Goodness, gracious. I can only hope to have a child this intelligent and insightful one day. I can’t help but imagine just how embarrassed I would feel going up against him if I was an IDiot.

The fundamentally dishonest creationist intelligent design crowd is always whining about not being given equal time and blah blah blah. But the fact of the matter is, these people don’t give a shit about a presentation of evidence – if they did, they wouldn’t be promoting creationism. They want to obfuscate sound science so that children will harbor unwarranted doubts; when those children grow up and realize that they will some day die, it is the hope of the IDiots that they will seek comfort in religion (and, very specifically, Christianity). After all, it was the combination of indoctrination and fear of death that motivated most IDiots to where they are.

I’ll give the final word to the young boy.

“I think the scientists are correct and the other guy sounds crazy. I think I want to be a scientist when I grow up and study water, animals, and space.” What an amusing array of choices. I had to inquire about them. “I want to find out where the water came from, for real, and dig up animal bones and put them together.”

“What about space?”

“I want to go there…”

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  1. I would love to be there when that kid grows up a little and watches his first Hitchens debate.

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