It seems like everyone is endorsing Eliot Cutler

Every time I open up Facebook or check the local links Yahoo! sends me, it seems I see a new endorsement for Eliot Cutler for governor of Maine. I’m thinking that everyone is feeling the emotion-driven anger at the establishment right now, but unlike redneck conservatives, all these papers are actually putting thought into who they want to lead Maine. Cutler is the clear choice – he has a masterful grasp of all the issues and he offers realistic solutions. (I know, I know, conservatives…a smart guy?! What an elitist!)

Vote for Eliot Cutler.

3 Responses

  1. that would account for him gaining on mitchel. latest critical insights poll has mitchell falling back and cutler gaining. she may well finish 3rd at this rate.

  2. I’m getting upset with the rate of returns for all of the maine races. 15 out of 596 (something like that?) after 2 hours? Less than 20,000 votes reported?

    There are only 3200 votes separating Mitchell and Cutler!

    How long must we wait for a somewhat definitive amount of returns?

  3. Sorry, 3500. Still…

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