“Justice” Thomas: Free speech undermines the law

I can’t stand these dolts we have on the Supreme Court:

Thomas, who was born in nearby Pin Point, told the Augusta Bar Association that the downward spiral of public discourse from people who are “drunk on their own opinions” must come to an end.

“You don’t just keep nagging and nagging and nagging. At some point it’s got to stop. Sometimes, too much is too much,” he said. “I think we are reaching the point where we are beginning to undermine the integrity of the law we’re going to need.”

This utter incoherency is likely why Thomas hasn’t said a damn thing in the court for the past 5 years.

7 Responses

  1. Sorry, isn’t he saying exactly what you say, all the time?

    If you don’t know what your talking about than you shouldn’t be talking?

    Is the difference science? It’s intelligent to drone on about court cases you haven’t even read, but not to talk about scientific issues about which one knows nothing?

    You must just hate him because he’s black.

  2. Except people do read the court decisions and they do understand the crux of the arguments. People understand that Thomas makes his decisions not on the law, but on his political whims. What’s more, I think most people understand that invoking free speech as a factor that undermines the law – including things like, um, free speech – makes no sense and amounts to little more than whining.

  3. Now you are just talking your opinion. Free speech probably does undermine the law. I consider it to be the most dangerous right we possess, but so what? Do you think judges are sometimes influenced by the media, and than make decisions that are counter to what true justice would be? You bet your ass.

    What people understand Michael? Liberals? Is that like conservatives understanding that Sotomayor makes her decisions on political whims, not the law?

    I’m standing by what I said, you can’t decry Thomas decrying those he sees as uninformed and than do the exact same thing in your next post.

    Well you can. You will.

  4. The key point here is that Thomas is just declaring that people are uninformed because they disagree with him. The vast, vast majority of opinions that get put out there come from law professors and lawyers who either write op-eds or who are interviewed for professional articles.

    He can decry the uninformed all he wants, but people have seen the opinions he writes. He ignores the law when it is inconvenient just as much as his pal Scalia.

  5. The free-ness of speech was never questioned by Thomas. That’s a total red herring.

    Free speech does not mean speech free of consequences, and one of the mildest consequences is criticism from people like Justice Thomas.

    People like you are free to make sweeping statements that certain Justices are guided by politics, and those same Justices are free to say they think you’re wrong.

    Check out one of the “speech is tyranny” tabs on Popehat some time to see this theme with greater detail and more snark.

    >Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas opened up to an audience of attorneys in his home state of Georgia on Tuesday, comparing critics of the bench to die-hard sports fans and wondering aloud whether they suffer from a “disease of illiteracy or laziness.”<

    Michael old bean, you are in the group he had in mind.

  6. Nah, Thomas was talking about himself.

  7. Thomas said that excessive criticism is undermining the law. And what is criticism, excessive or not, other than free speech? I have no doubt he didn’t put much consideration into his speech, but what he said is vivid.

    Thomas certainly was referring to me. And every center and left-leaning lawyer, judge, scholar, and informed citizen. He may say that the use of criticism somehow undermines the laws which allow it to exist – I’d be interested to hear anyone defend that position – but the reality is he isn’t doing a very good job of hiding the fact that’s he’s just whining that people are being too critical.

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