Bastrop High School: Fuck you, atheists!

Bastrop High School is the school at the center of the Damon Fowler controversy. I say the school – not Damon – is at the center because Damon is the atheist who understands the constitution. His views are the ones to which so many Christians pay lip service all the time. In reality, nothing he has said has been novel. He just doesn’t want to hear government-endorsed prayer at his graduation. The school, however, refuses to recognize that the U.S. is secular, that the Supreme Court has banned them from conducting prayers, and that there are – gasp! – people who are not Christian. This is the result:

This is nothing more than a big “fuck you” to Damon and every other atheist. A woman even (ironically) yells “First Amendment rights!” during the unconstitutional prayer. One need not wonder what a person of such stupidity would think if the prayer was Islamic.

Update: This sums things up nicely:

18 Responses

  1. I actually think the person yelling “First Amendment Rights!” was trying to detract from the prayer – supporting the part of the First Amendment associated with freedom of religion and separation of church and state.

  2. The fact that that isn’t easily figured out tells me all I need to know about these kinds of situations.

  3. Whether that specific person was for or against the unconstitutional prayer isn’t that important. What matters is that the administration let it go forward, even joining in the little chant.

  4. From what I’ve seen and heard, the person shouting about the first amendment is on Damon’s side AND most likely related to him (judging by Friday’s posts on the Support Damon page on Facebook).

  5. That’s fair enough, but the point still remains: The administration allowed the prayer to go ahead, and the majority of the audience participated out of the belief that it is okay for Christian prayers to be government endorsed.

  6. It’s interesting that you know what the beliefs of a whole crowd of people are.

    Were I in the crowd, I would have participated out of my belief that I can practice my religion as I please.

    I’d be surprised to find that many of the people that participated even believe the thing was a government endorsement.

  7. It remains to be seen if the republic envisioned by the founders will ever blossom on this continent. Despite over two centuries of wrangling this same conflict back and forth the generally uninformed majority continue their traditional role as pimps for their deity of choice. I shiver as I consider the wrath that same majority might have shown to Damon had he offered up a few prayers or maybe burnt a goat in honor of Odin.

  8. You assume there would be ‘wrath’? Why?

    And I’m not sure what you mean by the first part. Government has much less involvement with religion today than it did 200 years ago. Prayers have been offered up in both houses of congress every session since the first. Today there is a greater separation than even they envisioned, not a narrower one.

  9. Ironic that the school’s mascot is the RAM…as in they’re RAMMING their beliefs down your throat!

  10. It is incredible to me that Americans (and others) are fighting wars in two countries to prevent religionists forcing their beliefs on others and yet this group of Americans are determined to force THEIR beliefs on others.

  11. No one forced anyone to do anything, in that you are mistaken. Not even Michael is making that claim. The only issue here is whether or not prayer should be allowed as part of a ceremony of a public institution.

    Really, it’s whether that constitutes the establishment of religion.

  12. “No one forced anyone to do anything, in that you are mistaken.”

    It seems to me that non-christians and atheists were FORCED to stand through a prayer to the christian god by making the prayer vocal.

  13. Yes, in the same way they were ‘forced’ to stand there through everyone else’s kids were graduating.

    There are always going to be big chunks of ceremonies many people aren’t interested in. Bring a book.

  14. And since this DOES constitute government endorsement of religion, it was in fact unconstitutional. Check the case precedents.

  15. We’ll see, I’m reasonably certain there will be a case coming out of this.

  16. The most arrogant and annoying religious bigots in the world are the militant atheists.

  17. I think that title might actually go to the trolls.

  18. Why do atheists even give a shit?

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