Damon Fowler interview

Hemant Mehta has conducted an interview with Damon Fowler. It can be found here, and it’s an interesting read, but the best part? Damon now has a $16,000+ scholarship for college.

13 Responses

  1. One public prayer and he gets a massive scholarship, oh the horror of it all.

  2. …and tell me…what good did the prayer do?????

  3. Nasty, Negative Nate, the troll, farts on another post, what a surprise.

  4. I was just being snarky Paul. It’s good for him that he has a scholarship[, the reason is irrelevant.

  5. […] This is allegedly a grown man, although the evidence continues to point towards a prepubescent high school boy who can’t get up the courage to talk to girls. You know, the one who went to prom with a cousin his mother paid off. […]

  6. …the best you can do? An Ad-Hominem attack? The principles and values which surround the separation of Church and State have been under attack ever since the constitution was founded. And this is the best you can come up with???

    Need more solid evidence, more facts, behind why public prayer should not be mandated at public meetings.

    This kid was a hero in my eyes…he was just acting on the Principles and values of Jefferson and Madison and has been rejected by his own family.

  7. Standing up for what you believe in is almost always a noble act. People disagree on what constitutes a government endorsement of religion that’s all.

    And yes, after some of Bob’s particularly disgusting attacks on my person, ranging from my military service ,of which he knows nothing to my intelligence and education, again of which he knows nothing, will as a matter of personal policy now, be responded to with as much snark as I can muster.

    I’m just choosing to relocate the rather lengthy exchanges between he and I to my blog, should he ever care to visit. In that way they can get tucked away in one spot and not clog up otherwise useful space to discuss Michael’s posts. I feel bad, bob and I often clogging them all up. If he cares to go back and forth he can come over and do it. I won’t censor, edit or delete anything, I just won’t get into a donnybrook with him here any longer.

    You can think what you like about that.

  8. I think it belongs on Ann Landers and not a Science blog…

  9. And for the record I made a donation to the scholarship this afternoon after Michael posted this.

    He lost the battle, but guts should be rewarded. It’s easy enough to do, a little click, a little paypal, done.

  10. What does? I don’t run a science blog, economics, perhaps. Politics perhaps. Science? Religion? Not really so much.

    Not really a better place for our childishness but better than dumping it on Michael.

  11. What did you mean by that opening post “The horror of it all”??? I first took it to be satirical but then saw your name and wondered “Could he be for real???” Then I decided it was as it was consistent with you views.

    As John Cleese once remarked, the line between satire and reality are getting crossed. He quit satire because of it (Monty Python). Your libertarian views have no basis in the real world…your grasp of reality is tenuous,,,hence I took your statement to be real.

  12. No basis you say? That’s not right. They perhaps have been implemented far less than other ideas.

    Don’t confuse a lack of data for proof of failure or efficacy.

  13. ..and don’t confuse failure or efficacy for lack of data and proof….

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