Creationists cave to science

Recognizing that they don’t have the facts on their side, the creationist members of the Texas State Board of Education gave in to science:

The Texas State Board of Education delivered a blow to social conservatives Friday, giving final approval to supplemental high school science materials after a brief flare-up over some lessons teaching the principles of evolution.

The lessons in question included a lab comparison on chimpanzee and human skulls, the fossil record and cell complexity.

A board-appointed reviewer had called the lessons errors and recommended changes, but a group of scientists objected on Friday, threatening to re-ignite a fierce debate over teaching evolution in Texas public schools.

There was some worry amongst those who understand and favor science that the recent appointment of Barbara Cargill spelled trouble for the teaching of biology. She “questions” evolution (which is code meaning she doesn’t understand it), so it was thought she might start a whole new round of creationist canards and bullshit in an effort to undermine a proper science education. That fortunately has not happened. I find this pleasing, especially considering just how frequently I will be sitting in one of my bio courses, learning something which only makes sense in the light of evolution. Anyone who denies the theory simply does not understand – nor desires to understand – biology.

So a tentative bravo to the Texas State Board of Education. Here’s hoping to see more votes for science.

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