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Why anyone would want a Jack Russell is beyond me. It has all the uncoolness of a small dog combined with constant, annoying energy. Give me a Golden Retriever or Lab. Ya know, one of those real dogs.

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  1. My sister just got some kind of poodle mix…

    I’ll take my retriever.

    (my mother is planning on having a litter of lab puppies in the spring if you are interested)

    (not actually her, but she is getting her dog a date this winter)

  2. I had a mutt that was mostly a golden. One dog as a kid and one as an adult was enough. I no longer want the expense, responsibility or the mess of a dog or any pet. I prefer my concubines.

  3. Forget all that, if there is any reason not to have a pet it’s because you if you take care of it properly, someday, you’ll have to have them put down.

  4. That too, Nate. Very painful after 14 years.

  5. Jack Russels are superb dogs with endless energy, intelligence and loyalty. Granted they can also be crazy. Mine will stand her ground against much larger dogs but is a total softy with people. She is ready to play at any time day or night and loves our sunrise walks in the fields. Watching her heading a balloon around the garden is hilarious.

  6. I’ve had most all kinds of dogs over the years. Whatever I happen to rescue when I can handle another one. Had four at one time. I’ve even rescued and raised a couple pit bulls, but I couldn’t bring them to Europe when I moved here because of the law. I took my Jack Russell mix and my old terrier bird dog with me to Europe.

    My Jack Russell (mix) is one of the best dogs I’ve owned. Bandit has enough ‘mix’ in him to be soft haired, instead of the more wire-based stuff I’ve seen on other JR’s. I’ve owned a bunch of dogs in 53 years. It’s hard to get a ‘bad’ dog, but it’s nearly impossible to get a good cat.

    Bandit gets some lovin'


  7. It’s funny, one of the dogs I am currently watching for my parents is named Bandit, and the dog on the other side of the fence next door has just the same name. Fortunately – depending on whether you’re a person or the dog himself – our Bandit has lost a smidgen of his hearing, so he doesn’t react to hearing his name from across the yard.

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