Glenn Beck defines “bigot” correctly

I figured Glenn Beck had slithered back into his hole, but apparently he still does and says stuff. For instance, in recently speaking of gay marriage he gave a correct definition of bigotry:

Beck started the conversation off by offering up the definition of the word “bigot” — a term that is often utilized in the gay marriage debate. “The definition of bigot is somebody that won‘t listen to anybody else’s side, because of their point of view…they try to shut down everyone else’s point of view,” he explained. “If you won’t tolerate someone else’s point of view, then you are a bigot.

His first part isn’t entirely correct – that’s just a common action of bigots – but the part I bolded is perfectly correct. Bigotry comes down to tolerance. I’m not sure Beck is smart enough to distinguish between that and non-acceptance, but is at least on the right track.

Now the next step is for the bigoted Beck to stop being intolerant of equal rights for gays before the law.

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  1. (Incidentally, PZ is also a bigot, though not so much when it comes to a big, greasy pizza. But I digress.)

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