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I have added The Right Atheist under “Teh Conservatives” widget on the right of the site. While it always pains me a little bit to promote conservative views, he is an atheist. As happens so often, that brings with it a good degree of reasonableness.

Check out his site.

6 Responses

  1. *glomps Liberal Michael*

  2. And then we were three…

  3. Three cheers for Hortensio. If you’re ever in New England, please let us know.

  4. Maybe you can visit the multimillion dollar border crossing Uncle Sam built with the “stimulus” cash in Vermont.

    Her Majesty the Queen has a single room on your side that is more than sufficient. What with only 6 cars an hour and all.

  5. I feel so loved.

    You guys are interesting enough to talk to online; of course I’ll look you up if I’m ever in New England. Please do the same if you’re ever in southwestern Ontario. (If you’re ever in southeastern Ontario, you’re doing it wrong.)

    Incidentally, I thought the northern border of Vermont was just a normal land border (ie, no mountains or rivers or lakes). Why is the new border crossing so expensive? It’s not like you need a huge bridge or something. It’s not the Detroit-Windsor border.

  6. It wasn’t expensive, it was government.

    Anyway! You might as well use it! No lines, no waiting!

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