These burgers are getting out of control

I already take back the title of this post. I’m a big fan of a good, homemade cheeseburger and mine are only getting better.

Thought of the day

One of the downsides of letting people know where I am in my career has been that it opens me up to illogical attacks. Namely, I have often had people point to my status as a student in order to discredit my positions. For instance, I have been told that my position that the process of development is not the same as the subjective concept of humanity comes from my unfinished education. If only I was a graduate, I would know better. (Ironically, one of the people making this claim had no degree in biology.) But now I am in a position where all I have is a single outstanding math course (to be taken not too far down the road). I have completed every core biology course plus a swath of biology electives. I’ve looked at development from an anatomical perspective. I’ve looked at it from a cellular perspective. I’ve looked at it from a genetic perspective. Yet, my position is exactly the same. Not a bit different.

It’s almost like demanding one be an authority in a subject in order to have a valid opinion on a particular point is a logical fallacy.