Where were Mitt’s taxes born?

Everyone seems to want Mitt Romney to release his tax returns from his days at Bain. This makes sense since Romney has staked a good portion of his candidacy on his record as a businessman. He doesn’t get to say he was good at something and that that something is relevant while simultaneously claiming that the details of that something don’t matter. He should just release everything.

Of course, I hope he doesn’t.

I have no desire to see Mitt Romney win anything and this is a great issue to hurt him. It’s his birth certificate. The only difference is that the stuff his opponents are saying about him is true.

3 Responses

  1. If there is something wrong with his tax returns, he should release them ASAP. If there is nothing wrong, he should drag it out as long as possible. That’s what Obama did with his birth certificate and that worked out well.

    Don’t become a birther on this, you’ll just look silly. For all his faults, at least Romney has had a real job, and I’m not sure what you think his tax returns would tell us about his business acumen. All they will tell us in what his salary was.

    Steve Jobs got a dollar a year as the big man at Apple, does that mean he was shitty at his job?

  2. I don’t know how one could seriously be anything like a birther on this. I was just pointing out the fact that a good portion of Romney’s money appears to be held in offshore accounts and the like.

    I don’t think he’s hiding anything illegal, but he doesn’t want to give anyone added ammunition to make him look like a privileged twat.

    I like his situation.

  3. Well we will have to disagree.Obama “hid” his birth certificate knowing full and well that there was nothing fishy on there, I suspect Romney is in the same boat.

    I kept an open mind about his birth certificate, I didn’t really suspect there was a problem, but the possibility was there and I wasn’t in the least surprised to find it clean.

    Cut to Romney and his taxes. There may be something serious tucked away in his returns, there maybe something minor, perhaps that he filed late a time or two, or didn’t withhold enough and so had to pay a penalty.

    In both cases I believe that purpose of letting everyone cry and whine and moan was/is to be a distracting. And, like with the birth certificate, as soon as it’s released, the majority of the questioners will see they wasted a bunch of time, energy, and opportunity on what turned out to be totally benign.

    One other thing, off shore accounts like the chairwoman of the DNC has, along with many other prominent democrats?

    Unless there is something wrong with them, I think he will benefit. You yourself did say that it is his birth certificate, I’ve only agreed, and I expect a similar result.

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